7 Days

Nice! Can’t wait to see what Roav and Eufy have coming out. I will have to enter when I get home from work. Can’t long onto Facebook at work.

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Don’t often check in on Facebook so thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

My guesses;

Anker - A new PD variation of PowerCore or wall charger
Eufy - No doubt a RoboVac
Roav - Perhaps a look at the pulled to be redone dashboard product?
Nebula - Capsule 2
SoundCore - Zero or Zero+ I would think…need a tester @AnkerOfficial :wink: :laughing:


A home theater system would be awesome


…or 2 testers…


OMG. I just looked up what the Model Zero+ is. [jaw is on the floor] All I can say about that is, YES PLEASE!



Anker - USB-C Charging Products (foreshadowed by the recent poll)
Nebula - Capsule II Kickstarter Date
eufy - New RoboVac, More Security Offerings
Roav - Car Accessory with Voice Control
Soundcore - Zero/Zero+

wow!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thanks for sharing!!!

It’s beginning to look like I need more space, Anker products everywhere. Let it show, let it show

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There has a number of FCC postings of Anker product I not looked at.

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Or they are going to announce another company. I wouldn’t know what kind it would but it’s possible

Still waiting to see who won the competition on Facebook - was meant to be announced the next day

Someone won on Instagram, but nothing posted on Facebook or Twitter

Have not seen the winner name yet on facebook.

Maybe they’re going to wait until the reveal day?

Sorry I have no idea of this contest, since it’s not held by the community.

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Apparently there will be a live stream on their Facebook page, 5pm EDT…big stuff to come or just a change of announcing style?

Yesterday’s Soundcore app update gave at least that one away. :innocent:

Is it going to be an Kickstarter campaign again? And when will the rova thing happen?

Nebula Capsule II is the only Kickstarter. VIVA Dash has been delayed until early 2019.

So did you all watch the Live Event on Facebook? What are you all excited for? I think the eufy home security system sounds awesome! And I cannot wait to hear the new Soundcore speaker. I also really want a Capsule 2. LOL!