6 ft USB-C to Lightning Cable Pre-Order Now Available



Of course not, we don’t need stuff like that here! :wink:


Oh excellent! We just got 2 of these new cables, and they are really robust as well, MUCH better than Apples own rubbish


Echo above, what about outside the US - UK here


It’s an awesome cable! But I hope apple switches to USB-C soon :frowning:


Great deal for iPhone 8 and above, and for US members, get it before it is gone, or at least be the first to own it :grin:


The iPad Pro is usb c


Seems like there is high demand for them outside the US. Anker needs to take advantage of it and start making them available in different countries


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I usually stay away from white cables but that’s a nice looking cable :sunglasses:


:joy: Thank you for your appreciation. Your ordered cable will be shipped around June 10th.


It will be available in the UK around the mid of June. So stay tuned!:grin: @anker714


German fans will get it very soon! Around the mid of June.:grin:


Yes, other markets will be released soon.


Great job guys


anker do like doing pre orders in the USA dont no why :confused:


Thanks, I didn’t ask for it tho :grin:


1 ft or 4 in version anytime soon?


is there going to be a braided 6ft version as well?


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