2017 Anker YouTube Rewind Video



I just came across this on YouTube and thought it was really cool. Annie Lou, an Anker employee, uploaded it to her channel.

Check it out!


Awesomely cute video. Love it


Thats pretty cool.....I was hoping to see some familiar faces or names.....any community folks in this that you are aware of???


That was a great little video! I gotta say, the powerline cable durability was super impressive. I wouldn't do any of those things with mine, but it's good to know that they can stand up to some pretty serious abuse!




A brand that truly one of a kind with innovations and quality and customer service


Cool mix of footage in the video, the parrot and rabbit were cute touches :hugging:


All famous tech vloggers use Anker!


In the past year, we have made many new attempts.Hope we can continuously expand our brand reputations.:grin:

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Congrats on 2017, Anker! Knock it out of the park for 2018!


Applaud for the fun short video. Agreed, anker product is superior to that of many brands.


Awe! That was a nice video! I can’t wait to see where Anker goes from here in terms of new product releases and overall innovation. ^_^


Nice! Way to go Anker!


Awesome video :smile: thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


That's awesome! Nice find, @joshuad11!


Was watching some older MarzBar TechFlow videos yesterday. I quite like this fella. He loves his Anker stuff. I like that nomad Pod. It’s the thing Anker should be making without a doubt.


Great video! many products I also own or wish to own :smiley:

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