Your Mobile Game Recommendations

I used to be fairly addicted to The Simpsons: Tapped Out but things became more and more based on micro-transactions so I just gave in with it.

But way back in the First Gen iPod Touch days, it had to be Labyrinth and Tap Tap. Two absolute classics for me. Don’t tend to game a much on mobile now, busy life and all that.

Angry birrrrd!

Bejeweled Stars.


and soon to be this to try it out

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Dooooodle jump!

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Arrrr love doodle jump but it’s so frustrating missing the step lol

Clash Royale has been around since Jan 16.

You might be thinking of Clash of Clans? That might be about 5 years now.

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Make sure you have plenty of ANKER powerbanks for this one, though! I’ve enver seen battery drain so fast :fearful:

I like first person shooters for the most part. Does anyone have any recommendations on a FPS for the iPhone?

Pokemon Go is one of the reasons why I like carrying my 20k powercore 2 with me. It keeps my phone fast charged and my son and wife can use it too whenever we all go Pokemon hunting

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Empires and Allies.

My favorite games on my phone right now are gta San Andreas and république

Of course, the battery saver mode in the game seems of no use :confused:

Right now I’m playing one called badminton league. You can practice to then play tournaments. It’s cool just to kill some time

:smile: Looks like very interesting!
These zombies looks very cute actually…:joy::joy:

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GTA is always fun when you’re board.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds?:laughing:

I think it’s not on mobile though?

Lately I’ve been playing HQ Trivia. $50,000 prize tonight if you’re really quick!

Google Play
App Store

Edit: looks like nobody was fast enough. The baseline prize is $2500.

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I’m currently play Pokémon Omega ruby