Would you want a household robot?

Just catching up on the daily news and saw this on the BBC… is it me or does it look like a iPad on a big castor / wheel :thinking:

Would you ever consider having an household robot (outside of the RoboVac of course :wink:) or do you think Eufy themselves might try and jump in this direction?


I personally wouldn’t mind having a house robot, although I would prefer it to be able to do more than just patrol as security and or show camera feeds. I want a robot like the Jetsons had, one that can clean and cook…but that will probably never happen

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I have a “Rosie”…

She’s old and loud now and doesn’t do much but get stuck every cycle.

Great @ndalby
Indeed I would love a household robot. But am in team @Tank in that it would have to be able to do household jobs so I won’t have too :sunglasses:

It’s features are still quite limited, so for right now it would be more of a novelty than a helping hand

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It would be interesting to have one but I think it would scare my dogs or my dogs would attack it. Lol. Two Dachshund are vicious little dogs. :rofl:

I never would do.
Such a kind of robot would steel my humble jobs here in the house totally. :rofl:

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Aha “Rosie” seems in the same age as our “old Willy” is.
He is working perfectly.
“Rosie” is loud now? (An elder women :grin:)
You could tape the “free end” of the middle brush.
Helps and doesn’t disturb any function.

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Would not be my plan A. May be a Plan C.

Plan A is be nice person and have friends and family, you help them and they help you. That’s more social.

Plan B would if the above failed then a social carer.

Plan C would be more automated devices.

Isolation is something you should through in your life to avoid. If I encounter a fragile person I pop by every few days and see if they need anything. At some point that person may be me and I’d hope others reciprocate, but it may become a robot in the end.

The last time 2 days ago I helped someone I was up a ladder swapping a lightbulb. Can a robot do that? :thinking:

A cat or a dog is better for social therapy for such isolated persons.
But how to train these animals to swap a bulb?

What about a parrot?
No, not possible.

May be a little monkey can do. :laughing:

Agreed. I live on a block where I am friends with my neighbors and we all help each other out when we can. Sadly many of my friends think it’s strange but I think it’s the best way to live helping others being nice and if you’re lucky they might help you back when you need it


Same we do here Kaitlyn.
All neighbors around are friends.
We talk, we know each other.
Not normal in our days.

EG: There are so many stories around.
Fighting, involving lawyers, if there are leaves falling down from neighbor’s property.
What a weird creation human beings can be.

I was tought by my mother (Austrian) :
(Freundlichkeit kostet nichts)
Friendliness is free!

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