WIn7 no more support pretty soon!

I remember that OS, was a very stable and usable one. :smiley:

Was working fine the older hardware.
The WIN7 users should change to LINUX right now,
because there is mostly no chance to get a WIN10 installed on those old devices.


Windows 7 was a breath of fresh air after Windows Vista. Then Windows 8 ruined it again! :rofl:

But this is a great reminder from @Chiquinho: Windows 7 support officially ends January 14, 2020. It’s a great time to switch to Linux (or Mac)!

If you’re running older hardware, some great low-resource distros are:

  • Xubuntu
  • Lubuntu
  • Peppermint OS
  • Puppy Linux

I like the GUI of LINUX MINT.
But XUBUNTU is a real chance for old devices, your are right Ryan.:mouse2:

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I still run windows 7 in a vm for work. The plc development software we use doesn’t even consistently support windows 10 yet, and Linux is not an option there at all. Sadly, we’ll probably need to keep those vms around for a while.