Will Eufy come up with a robovac for high-pile carpets?


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In this age of robo-mowers cutting lawn, I presume it is time for Eufy to invent its latest avatar for high-pile carpets?

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Think this is not easy to realize.
Could work without any brushes, but the result will be very poor.
Hope you will not purpose a carpet cutter! :rofl:

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@Chiquinho :rofl: good way to convert a high-pile carpet to a flat one! :rofl:

Still, hopefully not an impossible invention?

By (1) increasing the suction and (2) fitting comb-like “soft-er” edges to existing side brushes, this could be a do-able new model?


Yes anything is possible but at what cost.

Engineering challenges:

  • weight. To clean deep like you must put on long brush heads, these will make the Robovac ride on top of the pile, not actually clean, unless you make it heavier to sink into the pile.
  • the weight would have to increase for the motor to overcome the higher resistance from brushing through more pile.
  • the weight would have to increase for bigger battery to feed the bigger more.

So pretty much as the pile scales so does the Robovac. It becomes larger at least in height but probably width. If you make it wider it can’t clean in corners so well, so would tend to focus on being taller.

The heavier and more powerful item would then NOT do so well on everything else as the longer brush on other things like shallow pile, lino, wood, would tend to “walk tall” and the skirt would be high so you’d not get suction and so basically be spraying dirt around.

So you’d then need to make the brushes retract to adjust their height and sense.

You’d then hit issues with safety as the more powerful heavier retracting would kind of murder a small animal, pull a cat’s leg paw off, and be more expensive.

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The carpets we have in our house are persians.
Not high-piled.
The only ones I know which could be called high-piled are
those “Flokati”.

But those were “in” in 1970 when I was a student.
Never could be kept clean easily.
But we students didnt care about hygiene
Those carpets were perfect for other things! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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