Will Anker make a MagSafe charger?

Apple just announced that the new iphone has a magnetic wireless chargin system. Can we expect his from Anker?

Also, I’m interested if there will be a apple watch wireless cahrger on the way…


So this may have hints to a portless iPhone somewhere in near future, may be iPhone 13 or iPhone 14…


I definitely hope Anker will pursue Magsafe for some chargers. It would be neat to see a battery bank about the size of the iPhone 12, maybe a detent or hole for the camera. (Snap onto the back, charges phone)

Wonder if Magsafe will start to be integrated into furniture, as IKEA did with Qi chargers…

About the Apple Watch charger, I’m pretty sure that the coil layout and charger design is proprietary to Apple, or at least very expensive to produce. Anker’s 2-in-1 Wireless charger/Apple watch stand needed an Apple-made watch charger to be slotted into place. Maybe @AnkerTechnical can clarify if the Apple Watch’s charger is tightly regulated by Apple, or if it was just a design choice.

I can see an argument that if you’re more heavily reliant on wireless charging you’d like to keep a strong firm connection between the phone and the charger to stop the rings from sliding out of alignment. Magnets would help.

The downsides of the idea is magnets are all metals and all metals will absorb energy in a changing electromagnetic field.

So you’d have to maximise distance between the wireless ring and the magnets, such as having the magnets at each corner of the phone and the ring in the middle.

I can also see an argument that iPhone can use magnetic wired connection. Magnetic connection have more resistance and so be less efficient, and less reliable, but iPhone use the slowest wired power so less loss in the wired connection.

So if you wanted to make a portless phone you could just put magnets inside the phone under a metal connector. That would technically work well for the iPhone.

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That would be a huge home run, I think. I I have been reluctant to buy a wireless power bank because of efficiency but one with a magnet would be a game changer. I have also wondered about the watch charger - why not make one? There are generic apple watch chargers out there.

I have been wondering about this too - namely, will using the magnet that’s built into the phone with anything other than a magsafe charger harm it? It seems not since the debut videos they showed included magnet accessories that snap onto the phone. They also hinted that Belkin was making a wireless charger phone holder with a magnet built in for the iphone 12 - that’s another product I expect Anker would make a great version of.

Maxwell’s equations


It’s different between the DC field in the USB cable and the AC field of Qi wireless.

An alternating AC field will create an alternating magnetic field which in presence of magnets will cause a vibration at the frequency of Qi wireless. That will cause heat.

A USB power cable is DC so it will make a static magnetic field which is weak.


I think @AnkerOfficial should make a charging station for the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and a fast charger for iPad.

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I also hope Anker makes other Magsafe accessories, like cases and power bank etc.

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I like the idea of magnetic, snap-on power banks!