Wild Idea? A powerbank that can charge wirelessly and also be recharged wirelessly

I’m currently charging my PowerCore 21000 through one of the USB ports on the Wakey and it made me think–would is be possible for a powerbank to charge devices wireless and to be able to be recharged wirelessly? In my mind, it would have coils on top (“out”) and on the bottom (“in”), but I’m sure someone who knows how these things work much more than I do would know of a better way. Sounds kind of cool to me, but I don’t know how feasible it would be.

We have asked this feature lot of times … Still hopeful we will see it some day

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It’s definitely possible as other battery’s do it.

I mean take the latest Samsung Galaxy s10. It essentially does the same thing. You can wireless charge it. In addition it has PowerShare via wireless charging.


This is a cool idea and has come up a few times on the forum. Two main drawbacks are:

  • Extra bulk to accommodate the wireless charging coils
  • Wireless charging is only about 60-70% efficient, so much of the power bank’s energy is wasted

Note that, one issue is , with wireless charging there is some loss of energy in the form of heat or other forms… So powerbank utilization for charging and performance will eventually be less than that via wired

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That’s the stuff I never would have thought of. Guess it’s not exactly a practical or original idea, but it sounded cool in my head.

There are power banks on the market that offer wireless charging to a device. But none I’m aware of that can receive a wireless charge. They recharge via the usual USB input methods.

As stated the issue is with lower efficiency of wireless charging. For a phone overnight it is fine. But a power bank has a much larger battery. The iPhone 11 Pro Max takes ~2 hours to recharge wirelessly. That’s with a ~3,000mAh battery. Charging a 20,100mAh power bank would take closer to 13 hours. That’s not a good user experience.


Wireless makes sense when energy is from the wall, you’re wasting energy which begins high.

Wireless anything when using stored, so smaller, energy doesn’t make sense:

  1. the heat of wireless will accelerate cells degradation. The heat forms directly outside the outside which is you’d want the heat of the cell recharge to dissipate, so you’d be basically cooking the cells.
  2. the extra time to recharge
  3. power loss during discharge
  4. combined bulk of the coils means you’re talking say double the size for the same amount of useful energy output.

Combined you make a bulkier, expensive, less reliable product.

I think what we have now is good enough, pick your size to match purpose.

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Wireless charging from a powerbank wouldn’t benefit me as I do most of my charging on the move/while out and about.
But I like the idea of charging a powerbank wirelessly.