Why not start a "private gallery" here

There was always a plan to start a public gallery here like on soundcore forum.
This gallery was overloaded with boring photos pretty soon.
(Always showing the same items only changing a little bit of the view)

Shall we start one here, no points, no donations, just fun?


This would be interesting, would agree no rewards or points etc…

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Just for fun and some good made photos.
Thats all.

The gallery at soundcore forum went really wrong.
A pile of photos, showing always the same kind of earbuds.
Foto from the right, from left… :thinking:


I liked some of your more recent ones, with the thigh master and the weissbier… mostly the weissbier…

What did you think of the skis?

You want some more WeiĂźbier-Photos.
I can take some funny ones. :sweat_smile:

Yes @Chiquinho
I remember talks about this before and recall Anker declaring it was something they were working towards?

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Indeed @paulstevenewing.
I am never pushy, but this way we can initiate that project a little bit!

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Yes, think its a great idea.
Was this for Anker product photos only Franz?

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I dont know Paul.
We could start such one with ANKER/EUFY/NEBULA products only.

This one?

Little Things


Great idea, and great photo Franz :+1:t2:

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Love this idea, but would be have to post Anker related pictures or is any kind of pictures welcomed?

I would say we can post whatever we want.
I know you all like to share photos of other members.
This is making the family much more closer to get some insights.
eg. I learned a lot from a photo @TheSnarkyOne send at soundcore forum.
(Some equipment which has been installed beside his house, which I had never seen before and didn’t know what this is. Now I know :laughing:)

Enjoy the Sunday.
Sunny weather in MĂĽnchen
Will do some garden works later


Looking forward to this thread becoming a success :+1:

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Took a photo from my last garden work.
Cut two trees.
Now the huge beech tree (neighbor’s) but of course OUR tree will
have more sun and water.
My beloved wife mounted a bird’s house there on the stump which she told me to leave.
Looks great!


Looks a lovely spot @Chiquinho
Tell Mrs Chiquinho she’s done a great job with the bird box.

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I will tell her Paul, but I do hope this will not lead into other heavy work. :rofl:
Meanwhile I am quite good in cutting trees without doing any damage to my and other bones!

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Very nice photo of the birdhouse, what types of birds do you see visit your yard?

Anything colourful?

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What do we have here in the middle of the city?
Black birds, a lot of … need the dictionary…heheh! not sure if this is correct.
Great tit, jaybird, woodpeckers, tree creeper and of course crows and
the /%"§"§%$ pigeons. But I installed some special


all the places where they could show up.
Gone now!
Hope I will not get in trouble with any pigeon-lovers here. :rofl:

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Yes pigeons are not good to see around… flying rats they are.

Good for parks, and racing, not so much in the garden or house

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But meanwhile its not allowed to do something sufficiant against these “rats”.
You will get in deep troubles when caught by a “pigeon lover”
Same is when you are cutting a tree in your private garden.
All “green” brothers are watching you…
No politics! :rofl: