Why doesn't Anker make short USB-C cables?

Why doesn’t Anker make short USB-C cables? I want to carry one around in my pocket, to use with a small power bank, but I don’t need/want a 3-ft cable!

There is this set of 5 that includes a 4-inch cable…

but Amazon says: “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

Ideally I want to buy 4 short USB-C cables that I can rely on. Thought Anker would have been the solution…


That’s Weird. They sell short lightning and micro USB cables…

Maybe we’ll see them in the future :man_shrugging:

USB-C cables are used for wide variety of devices for charging or data sync, with that in mind, many who buy these cable would like to use it for multiple devices. Short cables do not help much when needed to connect the laptop from a charger, though it may help to connect to smartphones or headset cases from a powerbank or laptop - cannot be used for all devices for length constraint… with the demand not being there, Anker may not be having them.

But if there is a demand, Anker may come out with these. They have short Lightning and Micro-USB cables, so it is matter of time or based on market research for short USB-C cables to come out.

FWIW short USB-C to USB-C cables are rare across the market. Among USB-IF certified cables I’m only aware of AmazonBasic and Belkin offering 6 to 12-inch cables. Everyone else starts at 3 feet. I would imagine there is market research that shows it is the best compromise for the largest segment of customers.

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I was wondering the same thing.

I have this one and have an adapter on another cable. I needed a cable that would be compact and not have several feet of line sticking out of my pocket.

While we all would like to have a short 3 or 4 inch USB-C cable, outside of pocket charging with a battery pack it is almost impractical. Why spend money and resources on such a small cable that will succumb to harsh bends and fatigue? I would much rather see a 3ft cable with 90 degree ends, heck I even seen one cable that had a swivel end to adjust to almost any users need. Now i know the points of failure on those, but it still would be nice to have

My 6 inch lightning cable is probably my most used cable…

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Just to clarify, I didn’t say in my original post, but I want a USB-C to USB “A” cable.

Since posting, I remembered that my GoPro came with such a short cable. The GoPro has a USB-C connection. But I want some more short cables for my phone.

The majority of my cable use is my phone connected to my laptop, or to a portable power bank, or to an AC-powered desktop charging station. I just don’t need (or want!) my phone to be 3+ feet away!

I can see your reasoning. I have a USB-C to USB-C 1ft shorty that came with another brand’s powerbank. I used it until I lost it (fell out of my jacket pocket :unamused:) I haven’t found anything out there, not even non anker brands that are a foot or less that I would trust. So I just use wire management lock and loop straps that came with the cable and only take out a small of cable when I don’t need 3ft of cable.

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There is a demand. Many people use 1 foot cables to charge in a pocket or backpack. Some, for charging / data transfer connected to a laptop. Excess cabling isn’t necessary.

I’ve been requesting this for about a couple of years. I was told it was costlier to make them shorter. So, I get 1 foot USB-C cables elsewhere.

Perhaps they don’t think there is a high demand for it. They should make a limited number of short cables and see how good they sell

Im with you on this one. I wish they had a short 1ft usb A 3.0 to usb type c powerline+ cable. I made a post about this.
One more thing. That 5 pack of wires you posted above. The short cable in that pack is only usb 2.0
I know this because i sent anker a message asking for the specs on these wires.
Asking what kind they are and the length of the wires

I would have liked this too. I ended up getting some .25 meter (just under 10 inches) Ugreen brand cables from AliExpress because I wanted to make a complete switch to USB-C and 1m was just too much cable for in a pocket or small purse. They’re really high quality braided nylon. Cost less than $10 too.