Who thinks @AnkerOfficial should make BOLDER a part of their 5 companies? They could make all sorts of lighting

Who thinks @AnkerOfficial should make BOLDER a part of their 5 companies? They could make all sorts of lighting. Flashlights, flood lights, night lights, smart lights, and studio lighting? This would be cool, thoughts?


It may be tough to start new brands at this time, when there is economic downturn and pandemic situation.

Anker / Sister companies may be better off to use the existing brand name and brand value they have built overtime. Anker and Eufy brands already have them for Lightning. I think they already planned some new brand name for Security products ( my thoughts / anticipation), but were wise to use the Eufy Brand.

But things will change, eventually when things change, conditions improve, this might happen - some new brand for new product line.

It is a business, they may,make decisions which make better sense for them (& their share holders)

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Interesting idea, they already offer some flashlight and night lights and stuff. So I don’t see them acquiring Bolder any time soon

right now I would say no personally I don’t think bolder has a big enough name to make the branch out like soundcore did. I don’t think it would have as well of a known name for people to be willing to buy them. Maybe later down the line this would be great.

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I was just thinking they’d expand their BOLDER lineup and put it under its own name.

I definitely agree with this, Anker’s “home” products seem to fit the Eufy brand well.

Eufy=Home “stuff”/Security

I’d love to see some dedicated lighting products too- a desk lamp would be an awesome application for the already-amazing LEDs found in the Bolder flashlights. Different lineups of Bolder products (similar to Anker’s PowerLine, PowerCore) could diversify the brand a bit more, or associate Eufy with lighting as well.

Products and brands are different.

Brand is around having a logical connection to products “if I want product XXX, brand YYY probably does it” is the primary reason you create a brand so people who don’t know if you do a product at least look to do see if you do.

Products can obvious exist independently of brand and stand on their own merits. There’s no inherent reason if you want a product you must push a brand.