Which 18 watt charger to get?

So I have been looking for a charger to use my USB-c to USB-c cable. I first picked up an aukey brick because it was the cheapest but it doesn’t always fast charge or charges its fastest when first plugged in. So I looked around and found Anker 18 watt brick, the dilemma I have is that there is one at best buy that is just power delivery and not iq3 and its 2 dollars cheaper compared to the amazon one. I don’t know the differences if any to these two charges and I’m charging an s10e and some my headphones with it. Can anyone help me with my decision?

Hi @Miles_Franklin, Power Delivery will charge your Samsung Galaxy S10e just as fast as PowerIQ 3.0, so feel free to go for the cheaper version… Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Since you want to charge those two devices, get one with USB-C and USB-A ports: