Where are Anker's Power Delivery 3.0 PPS chargers three years later?

I’m just surprised that just about every new charger released by Anker still hasn’t added support for USB PD 3.0’s Programmable Power Supply (PPS) feature from 2018.

USB-IF Power Delivery 3.0 PPS = Samsung Super Fast Charging = Qualcomm Quick Charge 5

PPS is a much more robust charging protocol, but Anker is MIA. Anker is missing out on a massive market base for Samsung S21, S20, and Note 10 users. Other brands, like RAVPower, have already updated some of their chargers.

I’m specifically looking for a car charger, but it’s a barren wasteland of knock-offs and 6-month warranties. I hope & pray Anker is paying attention to this market. We’ll soon have 3+ generations of Samsung phones + many smaller brands that cannot be charged in a cooler, safer manner with Anker chargers.

I might even suspect Apple including PPS in the next iPhone or two.

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I’m hearing you @ikjadoon I have the S20+
Although most of my charging is wireless I would love a suitable PPS PDO charger from Anker.

I fear their focus seems to be in Apple products currently.


I suspect they will be more focused on PPS when Apple consume it.

They are releasing PPS chargers but agree they don’t have it across the range.

The irony is Apple are years behind Android in technology and Anker tracks Apple adoption.