When is GaN and Nano goodness going through all the smaller chargers?

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The excellent 18W (now 20W) Nano shows how small you make chargers.

The excellent Slim 63W proves it again. I have both of these in UK.

The standout task next is for Anker to do the same across the rest.

  • Smaller 20W+ 12W PD 2 successor.
  • Smaller 30W successor
  • Smaller dual 18W 36W III Duo successor to dual 20W 40W.
  • Smaller 45W +15W 60W Atom II successor
  • Smaller dual 30W 60W Atom PD 2 successor.

While we’re at, simplify the names also.

While we know it’s supply / demand, factory supply chains, so dates are hard to be precise until they ship to warehouse, a roadmap with roughly which month they’ll be in, would a good service.

Also, is it your intention to stop straight PD products and do only IQ3? Or do you intend to sell both in parallel and confuse us all forever?


Would also like to see the twin C 36w (total) upgraded.

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I agree would love to see a bunch of these in small form factors. Would totally make them easier to carry around and yeah the names are really starting to get so similar I think they need more distinguished lines and names to easily specify which is which and not leave me staring at them for hours trying to figure out the differences that justify price change sometimes

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I agree with your great idea regarding different names for different lines @ktkundy
Maybe a range for USBA only, mixed (USBA & USBC) and USBC only chargers.
Maybe even a number is the name to denote quantity of outputs.

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