Weekend activities! (old thread reanimated)

Would love to see some pictures @Chiquinho :+1:t2:

Already have :wink:

This week has been pretty much indoors with cold weather and rains here in Bay area, got a sight of bright light or rather silver lining

Last weekend was much better, peaceful with walk across the lake

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Never been to Morecambe, must visit next time we travel up.
I love these clear chilly days, wrap up warm and look out for a cosy cafe or pub :+1:t2:

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  1. of December
    Sunny day, 24C

    View from the veranda.

Anyone any good at toilet training a stubborn puppy?? Lol

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Oh dear :poop:
Our neighbours are going through the same thing.
Perhaps strap it to a Robovac and drive it to the garden.
Or maybe rig a PowerCore to give it a few volts if it “assumes the position” where it shouldn’t.

Lol tried training her to go on pads but not having it. So now she’s outside but cus it’s so getting cold she doesn’t like it and would rather wait til it’s warm (don’t blame her) lol

But I’m slowly getting there with her :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I guess it’s the same as with kids.
You can’t fast track these things, only encourage and keep on it, good luck!

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Back home, and freezing here I would like to show our little house we rented there.
There will be more photos if you want, if I can steal my wife’s mobile. :grin:
Have to copy these on the laptop.

And this is a view to the leftside.
Getting farmers there!
But the harvest was done this time.

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That looks lovely location.

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Very quiet with a perfect look to the sea, we dont have normally, here in Munich.
The next absolutely perfect bar and a small supermarket is 15 minutes to walk.
A huge supermarket is 10 minutes with car.


Weekend has landed with a few local beers.


A very foggy day here

and then a bright morning sun


Tomorrow (sat 07/12/2019) is Jane’s last session of radiotherapy.

My gums are still site from having all my top teeth removed, so won’t be going for a fry up :cry:

Jane still can’t taste anything due to her chemotherapy n radiotherapy… She’s hoping by Christmas day, shell be able to enjoy her food. At the moment, all food tastes like stale chewing gum… Lots of chomping but no flavour.

So her desire to eat is very deminished.

I’ve had my first vodka of the season last weekend as was first day of December… A beautiful neat toffee vodka. My god was soo nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wish you both a speedy recovery :+1:t2: … nice to hear about the toffee vodka :ok_hand:t2:

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I wish you and Jane all the best. :+1:t2:

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Hallo Mac,

All the best for Jane.

You can use straws for drinking (not beer)
and Haggis for food. (Kidding as usual)

I know you are tough!
Enjoy the weekend my friend :wink:

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Cafe time once again.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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