Weekend activities! (old thread reanimated)

Have you ever a break? If so you know it looks worse than it feels.

More of a problem is mental distraction, so technological solutions help more than pharmalogical. Watching boxsets.

Watching these

I did break my wrist about 25 years ago while working in Paignton (Devon)
Was up a ladder, strapping something. Strap snapped, balance gone, fell to the ground, ouch lol

Torbay hospital was rammed and easier to drive to cardiff (passenger) to get seen quicker so was holding my arm all the way haha

Didn’t have box sets back then :slight_smile:

I’ve heard lots say the fall is good. I haven’t seen any of them yet.

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How’s the recovery? You must be hating not being able to bike and stuff

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To a degree I was pre-loading outdoors experience “get out there while you can”. I was thinking 2nd wave lockdown would force us in our houses, didn’t expect a leg break. The day of the break I almost caused the break to happen by waking in a tent, it was not raining so I extended the campsite booking and went on a 60 mile ride. If it were not for the lingering lockdown risk, I may just have gone home and not broken my leg.

Recovery. Not in pain apart from when I put weight on it. I’m putting weight on it to my tolerance of pain and getting a bit more weight on it every day, today I’m less hopping and doing almost a walk - a really bad limp. Not on painkillers, to give a hint as to what it feels like.

By “luck” was Mrs Geek had to have 2 weeks isolation from coworker virus positive test so I had all I needed catered for, neither of us to could leave the house, for different reasons but the “luck” was we’d kept pantry stuffed with all our needs for an isolation anyway.

I was drinking in the views and air with a view of “do while you can” so my spirits fine, have all my memories, and Anker of course. Sat here with an LC40 flashlight for the evening as the light switch is too far to bother to get on crutches…


@professor Seeing the Anker items, i just remembered a post from you back in Apr this year

Most of items matched what you had planned you would take! … PowerCore Essential 20000 PD, Soundbuds Slim, No powerport Duo (instead Nano) – these things cannot be planned… but you used what you mentioned!

Be careful what you wish for!! (it was a coincidence, not so good one :frowning: )

I wish you speedy recovery and all the best… :+1:

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Almost correct. It’s the 10Ah Essential PD. My 20Ah I destroyed it in a puddle, I had camping with me two 10Ah and had one with me and one in a bag.

In hindsight, a 20Ah would have been better, I spent a long time in a corridor and angst of battery life of asking to plug in 10Ah whenever I felt had a safe hour to do so. On the other hand if I had 20Ah it’s weight may have meant I had nothing with me… but yes not far off what I always travel with me anyway.

The 10Ah got loaned out on the hospital ward to people who’s USB cords too short to the sockets way up behind the bed.

That thread was in the imagined scenario of at home unwell, you grab a pre-packed bag, so is a backpack imagined bag. My actual hospital encounter was straight from a far-from-home bike accident with just on my physical person, so the 20Ah was shrunk to a 10A, the duo to a Nano.

You can see the bag I had on my person in foreground here

Back in May, I fell off bike and broke arm, no skin broken so I went home then to hospital and entered with this:

This was for an assumed long time say in a chair as was not major trauma, this has no charger and the 20Ah Essential PD to last a long time doing nothing.

30 years not in hospital then twice in 6 months, but it’s good to learn and share the experience.

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Hope your leg heals nicely so you can go back biking soon :+1: well maybe not that soon lol

  1. floor paintings have been done.
    So we are doing cleaning (not much, GREAT)
    (The fellow taped all very, very carefully and intelligent)
    Mounting sockets and lamps now and placing furniture!

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Great the progress is still continuing Franz.

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The weekend here has been a relaxing one for us.
The weather has been changeable, wind, rain and sun but it takes more than that to keep us indoors!


Got to throw a few stones back into the sea.

Sea fights back against Charlie :laughing:

Time for a hot chocolate.


Oh yes Paul.

“Ordem e progesso”
A little bit of “ordem” is missing but “progresso” there is a lot! :joy:

Lucky family at the beach I see.


Great pictures as always

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Thanks @ikari04warrior have a great day.


What was the temperature like. It looks cold; good thing you had the hot chocolate. :cold_face::coffee:


It only seems like the last weekend was a heartbeat ago, and now it’s this weekend.

What plans do you all have?
Anyone trying something for the first time?


Last day of painting!
Little kitchen.
Tomorrow some remountings.


Not the real weather for trips.
Visited a flea market, but no bargains.
Only fresh air and talks.

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Bet you’re glad the end is in sight Franz :+1:t2:
“Fresh air and talks” sounds just perfect.

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Oooooo that looks so nice! I hope you’re having a great time

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Certainly did @ktkundy :+1:t2:
Do you have any weekend plans?

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Besides homework homework and homework sadly not much. I’ll probably go out for a walk today since it is nice out but besides that I have a lot of school work that they keep piling on. I wish my professors understood that just cause I am home and online doesn’t mean that I suddenly have more time to dedicate to doing school work. Hope you have a great weekend and I’ll vicariously through all the nice pictures people post here