Weekend activities! (old thread reanimated)

I was just coming to say the same thing Frans :joy:

@ndalby @TechnicallyWell you might want to raise this with @AnkerOfficial as @Insider just had the same thing happen.

Possible spam attack?


Oh boy, I thought something was up. Do you know how many flags it takes to remove a post?


It depends on the level of the user. I don’t know the exact numbers, but a level 1 user flagging a post only notifies the admins.

A level 15-16 user flagging a post will remove it immediately.


Nice? to see it wasn’t just me it probably is a spam attack

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That is odd… we’ll definitely need @AnkerOfficial’s help on this one! Don’t worry, we know your posts are not spam! :+1:


@Imo_Iri @TechMan pretty weird, didn’t happen to me though im not that active

Good Morning,
Oh, new attac.
Not a ghost.
Seems its active while you fellows are active and I sleep.

What exactly was happening?

:thinking: someone was flagging random posts as spam…

There would be a fingerprint. Pending @ankerofficial checking, you can use this


Someone flagging spam would have a high ratio of views to reply and not be a regular visitor. I see a couple of candidates…low level, newer member, visiting. But that’s an imprecise method to infer. We’ll know who they are tomorrow. And their IP address so when they create another account it’s blocked.

AnkerOfficial can see who flagged the posts just by looking in the flagged post section…

They don’t work weekends. Last activity 2 days ago.

Seems like its been busy while I was sleeping :laughing: The admins should be able to determine what was going on when they are back online tomorrow.

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Ahh my bad. I misunderstood what you meant :laughing:

I’m not sure I about @Julien_Leenes but last night I tried making the recipe you posted. I didn’t have any cocoa powder so I replaced it with some good ol Nesquik powder and dropped the sugar amount. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad next time I’ll make more adjustments to get it right :+1:. (Or I’ll just buy some cocoa powder when I have the time)

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Hey @Imo_Iri
Nice one, pleased you gave it a try :+1:t2:
We tried making with powder drinking chocolate previously and it came out ok, but cocoa powder definitely worked best.

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It happened again :pensive:

Hopefully they fix this soon

There’s a user who is copying my posts and pasting, implies they can’t do English and trying to get a higher level to do harm, I flagged them and messaged admin, it is the same person who comes in with new user.

Having no admin at weekends is not healthy.

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It sucks too because 2 of the flags were on posts that I’d just made and gotten approved :disappointed: oh well, when the weekend is over everything should be handled.