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NO! The Icon! Not the Icon Min!

But I can’t find where to buy an orange one! :sob:

I think that’s the color it turns after it’s experienced too much “fun”

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Lot of members will keep replying and commenting, thier views, it’s eventually Anker team which decides based on test plans and profiles as they mentioned in above posts!! So all is well and it’s all cool!

I pledge to test this theory thoroughly :sunglasses:

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When your done testing, send it to me so I can do a video of my son riding with it on his dirtbike through the trails. I’ll send it back afterwards

At least you responded this time!

It’s all well and good screaming… We want more customers, we want new members, we bigger exposure.

Then go on to ignore outside of usa in soo many of your giveaways. Yes, USA is a massive country, yes USA has a lot of spare money to buy accessories. So have the rest of the world, except, something thats $19.99 (USD) becomes, £28 (GBP), yet a pure exchange rate the item would be cheaper. We get there is SOME shipping costs, and taxes… To the extent it’s often a lot dearer. I could understand more if the same price due to extras (so 19.99 regardless of currency).

Take the extremely generous Thanksgiving comp. USA were able to get three items, one being a luxury item, whereas outside of usa, it was 1 luxury item and the cheapest item from the catalogue, or 3 cheaper items.

Obvs I don’t know which way the boat goes from China and which ports it drops off to and in what order.

I know because of EU restrictions we pay a bit more than needed, but not always as much.

For.those about to jump on this, I ain’t talking just me, there’s more to life than me. I’m talking in general how it’s felt outside of usa by lots


To all, let me tell you a story

Jim worked for.my boss for years, and was always on the promise of promotion. Then one day after working really hard on a particular project and putting in my report, Jim was rejected for promotion, as the boss had brought in some college kid. He was new and going places. What made it worse, the kid hardly ever turned up.for work, and was often late at arriving when he did bother. Plus, he never gave in reports, so the boss got another college kid to replace him.

While poor Jim was still working hard, handing his reports in time, and doing lots of overtime.


I didn’t mean to come off as ungrateful and unwelcome. When I look at some profiles here on the forum, it seems like a lot of people just comment on threads with giveaways and don’t participate any time else. I do understand that some of the winners do post a good quality review and still aren’t very active like @Mitesh_Shah who won the Infini Pro soundbar.

On the other hand we have all seen people win and either post a half-baked review or no review at all which really annoys me. I hope @AnkerOfficial can figure something out to avoid that problem. Now I might not have a perfect review of something but I try to make it good and ask for feedback to improve.

That being said, I do have 3 reviews coming in. 2 of them should be posted in late June or early July. I know I haven’t posted the Life 2 review but I’m been busy with college and just transferred a to different one so waiting for a long weekend to post reviews


Total agreement! :wink:


Thank you for your suggestion. We do keep a track of each tester’s review submission and we will not pick again the ones who have failed to submit their reviews. We will be looking forward to seeing your review soon. :relaxed:

Sorry I can’t. The orange one has not been officially released to the market.

You got a like from both @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical :open_mouth:. I call that a double whammy


If only it included a bunch of free power bucks, experience points, or acceptance into their ambassador program! lmao

My review is up! Thanks Anker for the fun opportunity and great product as usual!


Good video review @apsales83 , thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Great review @apsales83 :ok_hand:

nice review @apsales83

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Here are a couple images from my testing yesterday:

Writing the full review now, will update with a link here when it’s up.


My Full review is posted! Thanks @ankerofficial for the chance to test! I had a blast!

Here are some bonus hanging shots:


posted my review. this speak is just fun