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Thank you @Tank @kumar.sachin :slight_smile:


Congrats on the win @Shenoy! Weren’t you considering buying this speaker?


Thank you @TechMan yes, had plans, was waiting on a deal or an event for auction, but this is a welcome surprise :slight_smile:


@AnkerOfficial A small request…

If the tester has submitted his social media handle, hashtag, account. Since the testers are selected now, you can publish the testers on social media as an announcement of testers similar to what you already do for the regular events such as “Charge Everything Faster” or Anker Train Event, … just goes to spread Anker’s name across Social media and Internet


Damn! I’m too late for that wakey :frowning:


Time has proved that many chosen testers have provided great content even they were at level 0. I think it’s fair to give everyone a chance instead of keeping choosing the same bunch of people, right? :laughing: But it doesn’t mean we have any preference for ‘new users’ or ‘old users’, it’s all depends on how great or stand out your testing plan is. We took the time to read everyone’s testing plan to choose the best fit testers. But in case we made the ‘wrong’ choices, per the rules, failing to submit the reviews will result in disqualification in the future testing events. :sunglasses:


As long as it’s me I don’t mind :joy:


Super excited to have been picked to test the new Soundcore Flare Mini!!! Can’t wait to try it out and report back… Really interested to see how it compares to my beloved Anker A3143…
#breaktheillusion #soundcore #ankerofficial #flaremini


Looking forward to your review.


Nope, that’s not gonna happen. :rofl:


Something is wrong with the order of comments? Is it just on my phone?


congrats winners!


I saw that u did take the time because I time I refreshed the page the number would go up by one maybe I need to improve mine :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats to all testers


I have to believe you @AnkerOfficial mine never stood out :crazy_face:


Well you can’t say that about me, as you never choose me this year, not even after saying as much that I could have been chosen… This is what we call over here as a “prick tease”, where you pretend to offer something, but don’t intend to actually give.


Glad to see reddit included in the social media part :+1:.

Anyone have any guesses on what will be in the testing events next? I think maybe the rave/rave mini, and maybe some of those new vacuum’s…


Test plan stand out huh…:roll_eyes:
I don’t know how many ways you can test a power strip??? may be post a naked picture holding it :rofl:


Next time I see one of your reviews Ill remember to skip it :joy:.

I have some “special” stuff I do, but I can’t tell you about it lol.


Only “strip”? No “tease”? :rofl: