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An hour or two or a day or two? :laughing:

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use gloves to open the package, dispose the outer package and get the rest inside the house

Cardboard kills this bug quick.

Or sunshine.

Probably not. You open the package with gloves, using all the fingers. You then take the gloves off, the thumb then reaches inside the glove taking off and spreads the bug down your wrist.

You need to leave it alone for a couple of days.

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Just got shipping confirmation

I think its OK if you wash your hands after handling the package.

Lift package to your storage area, wash hands. Leave it alone for a couple of days, then open it.


Great advice, I wouldn’t mess with it for a a couple of days at least. Especially if I don’t need it

I have stopped ordering items online… unless it is a MUST essentials… rest everything can wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can also use Amazon locker, and NOT pick up til its been there 2-3 days. Hold phone with the code to the scanner. My local one has auto opening front doors, the locker opens with scan off phone and if you were really wanted to be bright go with a tissue to press shut the door and discard.

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In the end, once I knew it was in my mailbox, I could only wait so long.

Looks good, and for the first time ever my phone status is “Fast Charging Wirelessly”.

PowerWave II Pad came just did a review. Great product!


Hope you like it !! :rofl: I was quite excited when I first saw “Fast Charging wirelessly” on my phone. Wonder if it’s the same to you.

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Will Belgium (Be) be added to targeted countries?Our direct neighbours in Germany (DE) or France (fr) or UK can often participate, while it is not available in Belgium for any testing.
As I could easily provide tri-languages feedback: Dutch (relevant for eg. the Netherlands), French, and English (all 3 proofread by a linguist in that language), I certainly see added value.

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Congrats to all selected for testing. Looking forward to all reviews.

PowerWave Stand:

PowerWave Pad:

I recognise only 5 as regular posters.:face_with_monocle:


Thats normal.
All others will evaporate as usual and never show up here again.
But who cares!
Those are chosen by the famous “RANDOM”.
The miracle! :rofl:

Exactly five, índeed

Congratulations to the testers!

Hope to see some “quality” reviews!

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Congrats to all the winners! Looking forwarding to see the reviews!

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I see you on the list!
Enjoy Easter and stay healthy!

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I guess some regular posters still didn’t realize We Love Testing is back :rofl: @professor @Chiquinho, that’s why participation number is a bit lower than the past, and why only 5 of them are on the list this time.