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I don’t think there has been a “UK ONLY” testing event either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So let us cooperate and demanding a
DE and UK only


Let me have it too Franz…:innocent:
CA, DE and UK only


Of course or friends from CA are on “The Bounty” :smile:


No no no!
We need an event exclusive for members named Paul Steven Ewing with the winner able to select a prize if their choice :+1:t2:

image image

Look what came in the mail finally last night!! Gotta get ready for the review on it. Exciting time for my first review here :slight_smile:


I’m already activated on another contest. I doubt they will let me test this one :frowning:

@AnkerOfficial is possible to be approved or join more than one of these testing events. I really want to get my hands on one of these :slight_smile:

Congrats to recent testers - I’ve not applied for any of these (maybe the very first :thinking:)

You can enter multiple but can only be active for one at a time. So you would need your review approved before you could do the latest one.

We have seen contests that are for specific country’s other then the US. US definitely gets the most, but we do see contests for other country’s

Submitted my test plan :laughing::laughing::laughing: I am very excited about this new speaker.

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Really nice looking outdoor party speaker! Need this in the UK too!

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I’m active already. They haven’t sent the sample yet :frowning:

So no way to join.

Hi everyone! I was trying to sign up for the soundcore speaker but keep getting the notification that the link is broken. Is anyone else getting this?

I sometimes get that message when applying from my phone. The same links seem to work fine when I use my laptop to apply.

:frowning: that stinks!

Yeah, that speaker looks soo cool! Good luck to everyone who applied!

@TechnicallyWell. I believe they need to use this link. https://community.anker.com/forum when applying if they are putting their review on the forum. I had got this issue when I had decided to try for a testing club product. I was putting at the anker site and getting link is broken. I hope that helps @Jelle.