We Love Testing | Soundcore Motion + Powerful drivers, deep sound, super lasting battery: a real JEWEL!



The packaging is very compact, well thought out to save space since inside we find only the speaker itself, a 50cm USB-A to USB-C cable for charging and a 50cm AUX Jack 3.5mm cable. There is also a simple welcome card and some user instructions, but it is so intuitive that after a couple of times you’ve already learned all the gestures and buttons.

This speaker is a bit wider than the one I’ve always been using before (the DOSS SoundBox speaker), because instead of having only 2 main drivers (Left and Right), it has 2 central woofers (very powerful, I have to say), and two tweeters at opposite ends. It also has a nice sounding central sub-woofer. This not only succeeds in giving a crazy Stereo Imaging inside a room, but above all it is able to deliver more power (in total 30W) and a room-filling sound.

On the back of the Bluetooth speaker there is also the sub-woofer vent port, which allows it to vibrate to its maximum efficiency.

The materials are really resistant, but despite this, Soundcore has always wanted to give its products something extra; in this case, the soft rubber adds a very special texture, a nice feeling and above all a better grip, especially when you bring it outdoors or when you have wet or even sweaty hands.

The front speaker grill is pretty wide and continues partly even on the sides of the case. It also seems very durable and well-engineered, difficult to bend or disassemble, that’s for sure.

On the lower part we have the same rubber-like material as the upper part in addition of two rubber feet for greater grip on the surfaces (like wood, concrete, plastic, glass, etc.).

The inclination of roughly 15° to the horizontal plane is a real innovation in my opinion. Not only can it better project the sound inside the room (also based on the surface on which it rests and resonates), but because a speaker like this is usually placed on a table, all this makes sense if we think about it. I am really impressed by the subtle details and the slight difference it makes to the sound because of this angle. Well done!

The sound is fantastic, there’s not much to say. Accustomed to the sound of my beloved DOSS SoundBox that I have had for over a year now, the sound of this speaker is so well balanced (and above all very powerful and clear even at full volume) that I decided to bring this Bluetooth speaker to many parties with friends and to outdoor trips.

I think the bass is the strong point of this speaker: the Bass Up mode (activated by the first button on the left directly from the speaker) changes the equalization of the Motion+, amplifying and boosting the frequencies below 250Hz, I assume.

Via the Soundcore application, which can be easily downloaded both on iPhone and Android, you might even set a custom equalization, in addition to the other available ones (including Bass Up). You can also monitor the remaining battery power more accurately.

The battery easily lasts more than 12h of continuous playback at a relatively high volume. I took it with me during an afternoon of photoshoot (after a full battery recharge), listening to music for more than 4 consecutive hours and, checking from the Soundcore application, I should have consumed only 1/4 of the battery. I’m really satisfied with the features and performances of this speaker. Finally, I will be able to leave the house with this little powerful beast without having to worry about battery life!

Charging takes place via USB-C cable: this is my first device with USB-C input, and despite this, I really appreciate that this speaker has adopted this new USB port. Certainly the future will see the USB C as the new standard, replacing completely (or almost) the much loved but now almost prehistoric MicroUSB port.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the range should reach up to 200m in a direct line without any obstacles, but this distance can also be affected by the chip and Bluetooth antennas of the smartphone it is connected to. Bluetooth 5.0 also allows a very low latency (thanks to Qualcomm aptX), so I can also recommend it for watching videos and movies, while taking advantage of the great audio quality of this speaker.

This speaker has an IPX7 rating: reading online, it should be suitable for:

  • Splashes
  • Rain or snow
  • Shower
  • Accidental immersion in water up to 1m for max 30min

and, instead, not suitable for:

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling or underwater activities
  • High speed water sports

Personally, I wouldn’t risk ruining it with chlorinated or saline water. It is so powerful that you can leave it on the sand at the beach at medium-high volume and continue listening to your favorite music even after entering the water.

Without a doubt, this is the best bluetooth speaker I currently have. The DOSS SoundBox (whose price is around 50€) was easily downgraded from the ranking. This speaker, with a price around 100€, can almost compete with a Bose Soundlink Mini II. Really good audio quality, as well as the construction and software programming. The connection to Bluetooth is almost instant, the battery lasts a lot, the bass is well pronounced and deep even at low volume and all this brings the experience of listening to music to another level.
Even at very low volumes, the bass are deep and well pronounced and it even seems to be listening to music from much larger speakers. They really make an excellent positive impression on anyone: the 30W really make a difference!

I super recommend the purchase: it is my first Soundcore, and I am really impressed by its quality!

Here are some photos from my Instagram profile (@umberto_ragone):
Model: @angelo_mastrogiulio

Here is the original review in Italian on my Amazon Profile, if that interests you: https://www.amazon.it/review/R2E2IQVQGL777J/ref=cm_cr_srp_d_rdp_perm?ie=UTF8

Here is an article in Italian I’ve written for my blog, if that interests you: https://www.riopan.it/soundcore-motion-plus-lo-speaker-bluetooth-dellestate-2019/

I will follow up in the future with more Instagram photos with the Soundcore Motion+ and hopefully more written posts on my blogs. Stay tuned!


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Nice review and very informative. The speaker is a good size and looks like it will produce a good sound for a portable speaker.


@Tech_for_Travel thank you very much! Sure it does! I’m in love with the bass of this very compact speaker, even though it weighs a bit more than other speakers I’ve tested, but this fact can be easily overlooked.


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