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I have a MyQ garage door, but am hesitant to subscribe to the service. Do you find it very helpful?

I can open the app to open/close the door or check if it’s been open.


Yes and no. I understand why you can’t open it by voice command, but it is nice to close it. My garage door opener doesn’t always work and we don’t have one for the third garage, which was an add on and isn’t accessible from inside the house. So it is nice to shout out to the GH device to “Close the Third Garage”. Other than that, it’s just a little quicker to ask it if the doors are open vs. unlocking the phone, logging into the app, waiting for it to load, and then checking the status. I’m not sure I’ll keep the service after the 30-day trial is over, but it’s nice for now. I just don’t get why they’re charging you to use the Google Home and IFTTT services. That should all come standard. Any why no Alexa yet? I heard that’s in the works, but it’s time to add that as an option.


Yeah, I think the convenience is nice. But I don’t find myself opening or closing the garage that often without being in the car or actually in the garage to close it.

I have a physical door monitor in our Master that will alert if the door is open, you can close it from the device as well,.

The $10/year isn’t that bad. It’s just with all the other monthly subscriptions is getting a little ridiculous. I’ll try the free month and see if I change my tune.


That’s nice to have a physical device to monitor and control it. I do agree that the $10/year is not bad at all, but why charge at all? The devices aren’t that cheap to justify ANOTHER monthly fee just to give you access to remotely close the garage with voice commands. I doubt I’ll renew after the free trial is over.


This is what I have, LiftMaster 829LM Garage Door Monitor

I got this back in 2014 and it has been a great purchase. As of now, no monthly fee to use it… LOL :joy:



I GOT MY CAR BACK!!! WOOOOOO! I spent all morning “safely” driving to work trying to setup the Bolt…No success. Come to find out, I was using the wrong app the entire time. LOL!

NOTE: Use the GOOGLE ASSISTANT APP! Not the Google Home App.

2ND NOTE: Read all instructions first!


I updated mine to ver 0.5.16 and everything seems to work fine with iOS 10.3.3 :grin:


Learning by doing! :joy:


Exactly! :smile:


Here is my review of the Roav Bolt!


So with all the updates has it gotten better? Are there still glitches? Is IOS still in beta?


iOS just uses the Google Assistant app which works great in my experience.


I’m having issues with mine. I finally got it all up and running after several failed attempts and then a 15 firmware download/update. I think it really stinks that it won’t work without the Google Assistant app open and running in the background. I tried to play music this morning on Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube Music, but none worked. Then I tried to make a phone call and it kept asking who I wanted to call. I think I may just need to spend some time getting use to it and learning all of what it can and can’t do.

Do any of you have any advice, recommendations, tips/tricks, commands to use, anything to make the Bolt work as well as it can? Thanks!


Here’s my review anker! I had fun testing it, but I can’t say I gave a flattering review… I felt like a was doing more of a beta test than an actual review testing. The product seems to need a lot of developments still


My review can be found here:


My review can be found on my personal site and a summary of the review here on the forums.


Thank you!


Thanks for the opportunity.

My review can be found here -


Anker Roav Bolt - We love testing review.