We Love Testing | PowerPort Atom PD 2 (US Only)



I saw that and saw the owner comment saying it did 45/15 but wobbled.

This is why they should pick me and send me a free one and I can measure what is fact for my 45W laptop and my 10W phone and my 18W tablet.


I imagine most people will be buying this because their laptop requires over 30W. If that’s the case, then there’s really no point in getting this over the Speed 60W…

Combined with the fact that GaN doesn’t seem to be helping the size whatsoever.

I’m still puzzled how Atom PD 1 shrunk so much but this did not.


I own the 60W PD, its $36. It’s fault is only 1 port and 15W is wasted, more is wasted as my laptop gets to 85% charged. But I own say the 12W small charger. Drawback is 2 ports, but I can use my laptop as a charger at a pinch.

So, why do you want the larger Atom 2, which costs more and will make my laptop not charge if I use the 2nd port?

I repeat, Anker should pick me to send me a free one so I find the truth here. I’d not pay the price for it as an experiment given I have an imperfect but existing solution.


Best of luck everyone!


Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!!


Good luck everyone! Today’s the big day!


Can’t wait to see the winners


Anker team is yet to publish the winner list, will be announced on this event post


They winners will be announced in this post. They probably won’t be announced today… anker is busy :joy:


I’d be ok with winning this charger instead :joy::thumbsup:


Just let me win something so I don’t feel all alone in my quest for Anker domination


It’s true, if you use 2 ports to charge, it will provide 30w for each.
But if you only use one port, it could provide up to 60w in use.


Congratulations to all the selected testers :clap: :clap:


Congrats to all the chosen testers…nice to see some familiar names in the mix as well :slight_smile:


Thanks @AnkerOfficial! This is going to change my remote work game :ok_hand: Excited to test, review, and share my experience :blush:


awesome thanks @AnkerOfficial ! Can’t wait to test out this product.

Side note - Woot post that makes me hit level 5! :smile_cat:


Sucks I couldn’t win but congrats to the lucky winners :thumbsup:




I bet you saw the error 500, i tried it couple of times, than decided not to include the user name


thank you!!