We Love Testing | PowerDrive 2 Alloy Review

This is my first review here and I had some trouble with Anker to finally receive the product, but here it is finally :smile:

1 - The design and aspects of the product

I like how neat the charger is, compared to my old one that did stick out a lot.

The exteriour is in metal and has a nice feel, it did not get any scratches from using yet. And it is very light (kind of normal for the size)

2 - The specs

I do not see a lot of difference between this one and my old one in terms of charging time, but it is very efficient in 20 minutes I get about 20% of charge to my One Plus 5T.

You can charge two devices at once, and it does have Ankerโ€™s Power IQ fast-charging technology.

For some specs of the charger itself see the two pictures below

If you are searching for a new charger for your car that takes not too much space and has a great price/ quality ratio I would definitely recommend it.

I think that there is a promotion on this item on Amazon currently so that would be a good time to take one.


Great review and nice pics :+1:

The Output 5V = 4.8A, is it cumulative of both the ports, meaning it provides 5V=4.8A per port (when other port is free) OR each port gives only 2.4A?

On the device it does say 2.4A max per port so it will not go higher even if the other port is free.

thanks for sharing

Nice review and photos. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :slight_smile:

Good review and photos @Darkpingouin thanks for sharing your experiences with the item!

Nice review and photos!