Warning: this community site is not using HTTPS

I had an annoying warning often that this site is not secure.

I just did some tests and it seems to prefer http, if I logout then in it briefly goes back to https but then later is http again.

I suspect this is to lower the computational load on their web servers.

Workaround is to use an add-on which forces https and forces it for this site.

I think this is deliberate by the admin, they use https during password login then make it http thereafter.

The risk with this is just your traffic is visible in clear text to anyone in the network, if you also had unencrypted WiFi then someone can see all you’re typing.

Do you have a better workaround?

Do you care?

  • I didn’t realize and now I’ll force https
  • I didn’t realize and I dont care
  • I did know and am forcing https already
  • I did know and don’t care

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https for me, perhaps your redirection went to http.

but I don’t care much after I logged in anyway.



Cant see!

I never see any http here, only https

I had this same error last 2 or 3 days, but seems to be okay today. Are you still getting this error? Anker might have renewed the certificate already?

Try this.

Disable https everywhere add-on if you have. Close browser. Open browser, see if the lock icon gone. It does eventually go for me.

I’ll try it again now…

With add-on enabled:

Then disable

Then closed browser and revisit

Hmmm it’s still encrypted now. Wasn’t before. Intermittent?

Tried again, closed, revisit,AHH unencrypted now so it’s after a while.

I saw this happen on Soundcore Collective this morning, it changed to http --> https – > followed by an Error while posting,

The website got a certificate verified by Amazon.

But I remember there was such a warning some time ago.

yep it was expired, they renewed it after a few days.

Mine is always HTTPS.

Every few months it seems to switch to HTTP for a bit when a certificate expires or something (I seem to remember the admin explaining that some certificate has to be renewed every few months).

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That’s what I meant.

FF shows me a little bit more infos about than Chrome.

Will expire on 9.11 This is the 9. of November.
Will be some troubles then! :rofl:


if done properly, there shouldn’t be any downtime :wink:

Thanks for the info @professor luckily my VPNs force my connections in HTTPS.

I gain access on my phone and dint really know what route it takes. Web or app!
And if I’m honest, I’m not sure I’m really bothered how it get here! :man_shrugging:t2:

Got that not secure thing right now. Didn’t get that before


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May be coincidence, but does it also feel a longer time for connecting? Slower browsing? So if you force HTTPS it takes longer?

That bloody animated image at the bottom slows the whole page loading down too…


I’ve found the animations take longer, especially as I’ve spent the last week on free slow WiFi.
Don’t notice so much at home.

I put all safety function strong, via browser.
Dont mind to slow down connectivity.

I had noticed the not secure a couple days ago and had forced https on my laptop but have yet to figure how to do it on my iPad so if anyone has ideas let me know. Definitely think it is interesting

You could do it by browser tunings.