Video Conferencing Strategies

It occurs to me that we are all now learning a LOT about videoconferences. There are lots of VC etiquette articles out there, (like this one) but none of them really focus on how to be in good mental/physical health while staring at a screen all day. Some things I’ve been doing:

Stand whenever possible.

If necessary, switch to a mobile device and take a walk outside during a videoconference. It is probably most polite to mute your audio and video while doing this, as views of the sky and bright outdoor light is distracting. Maintain your presence by continuing to contribute to the conversation as you walk.

Invest in a good microphone I like the Yeti best but the Snowflake is a great less expensive option. Maybe we will see something in this line from @AnkerOfficial. Soundcore has some good options in the BT headset line, but I like a wired connection for long term VC work.

Use headphones, it minimizes distractions taking place in your house.

Manage your screen and share only the windows you want others to see. Have those windows up and on the thing you want to share BEFORE sharing your screen.

Use a virtual background if you can. it will help maintain focus on you (after an initial bit of awe from less experienced users). As an added benefit, you can use the virtual background to sneak away when you’ve had too much:



So what are your tips and tricks?

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My trick : I am hiding as usual! :joy:


If you are concerned about sharing, only install VC within a VM, work inside the VM then share from in the VM. It then is impossible to share other than work stuff.

I was often a Linux, then VM, Windows something, VC.

Linux is technically the best OS, then VirtualBox then some kind of Windows thingy for work stuff, inside of which is VC.

You can then remote the VM, like RDP to the VirtualBox console, and even if VM is up, you can still access it remote. To your point…

That’s a great suggestion. I dislike my work VM though because it’s so limited and it’s windows. Been thinking about getting my own, but I also don’t have trouble managing sharing. Or at least not yet (knocks on wood).

I join Conferences only if I really need to be on those… else never join, pretty clear on it.

  1. Use a nice Web Cam for meetings - with complete Work from home, it is good to see others and show yourself to other participants, try and invest in a good 720p / 1080p cam. I use a Cisco PrecisionHD 720p USB Camera (which is sadly end of sale )

  2. Be reasonable - mute yourself if not talking, let others speak and don’t jump into conversations (unless of course, you are the Manager of the team :rofl:)

  3. Don’t try tricks on participants (whole lot of trickery with the Zoom going on)… glad I use WebEx :smiley:

  4. Be early to meeting 4-5 minutes and test everything

  5. Remember to connect your charger for laptops or other equipment you need

  6. Make sure your computer and apps are up to date OR dont update it just before the meeting :smiley:

  7. Double check your home internet connection and update your VPN.

  8. Dedicate a workspace in your home that’s ergonomic, comfortable, and productive.

  9. Remove clutter or personal items in the background that might distract others… those awkward wall poster or painting or items

  10. Face a window for natural light, or use a lamp, so your team can clearly see you on video.

  11. Use noise cancelling headphones or a headset for the best audio experience OR use a good Conference speaker if you have one.

  12. Discourage others in the home (as much as possible) from doing high bandwidth activities, like streaming video. It is a tough ask now, with almost all streaming all the time being at home.


Best to mute within the app, not the headset, as then it eliminates bad headsets / audio.

Double-mute even better, although then causes need to double-un-mute, but helps with avoiding

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Working from home this we’ve been using video call via Teams for works communications, works a treat.
Today i got involved in an NHS meeting which i hosted via Webex Meetings, never used the Meetings side of things but need to explore if there are and backdrop options @gAnkster :+1:t2:

Ha ha… during long calls… need to rush to test rooms with headsets on, better to use the double mute… mute on WebEx / MS Teams and plus mute on Headset… this is a saver…

There are odd moment when we are on group conference at odd times and all of a sudden there is a toilet flush Sound :joy: