Useless Product Verification

Hi there,
I’m just a bit confused how Anker Company and many users over the globe think Anker Product Verification is a way to check for originality of your product? (like this topic)

In action, This QR code or 20 digits, can verify if the package is original :rofl:
So imagine, I, as a non-official seller, can replace my fake device inside verified Packages! And then ? you happily go to “” and The website says: congratulations, this is a verified product.

How does this verification system want to stop fraudulent sellers?

they can fake products but not serial numbers assigned to all new products made

The problem is, Anker’s Verification System does NOT include Product serial number in it.
So It happily tells you: Congrats, Your “Package” has really come from our company, but we don’t know what’s inside this verified package, and we even don’t know what’s the Product Serial number. :confused:

And unfortunately there’s not any tool that you can check your product’s serial number! So a fake product can easily sit in a verified package, even with a fake serial number.