[US] Anker Amazon Deal of the Day

Some really nice deals on amazon today for select Anker products. Im debating caving and making my wallet sad or holding out till I desperately need a product. If anyone takes advantage of these deals feel free to tell us what you picked up.


Great share @ktkundy

Great deals! Thanks for sharing!

Well ironically I don’t need anything as Anker quality and customer service is so good. My Anker products are working well and the last unit broke got a warranty replacement easily.

I’d encourage anyone with a need to buy Anker rather than other brands, because if you have a genuine fault and genuinely represent then you always get a fair outcome.

The only unit I have failed outside of warranty (over 2 years old used daily) is no longer made :frowning: the Slim wired buds. I bought 2 sets and 1 still works.

I had an Anker cable fail on me yesterday, was one of those free ones you get with headphones, the cables I bought haven’t failed.

Decent deals :+1: