[US] 3 Great PowerIQ 3.0 Deals!



Below are three great deals on Anker’s latest chargers with PowerIQ 3.0!

PowerPort Atom III Slim - $27.99 with code ANKER141

PowerPort III Duo - $22.49 with code ANKER861

PowerDrive III Duo - $18.39 with code ANKER427

I would highly recommend these to anyone! Please be sure to let us know if you’ll be adding to your Anker collection with this sale.


I just want a USB-C Charger that can charge my iPhone XR at the fastest speed :weary:


Then why don’t you get one?!


Waiting for a sale… I just want a single port


So you are refusing to buy one with greater than 18W output or more than one port and will only get it on sale? Why all those silly restrictions?

That means you’re waiting for PowerPort PD 1, which doesn’t use GaN, to go on sale.


It’s your lucky day, though. Target has it for $17.99, ready to ship.


This are great deals. I’m thinking its time to update my car chargers. The PowerDrive III Duo looks like a great option to charge my Note 8 quickly.


I don’t have any need for 2-ports since I only have one device that would benefit from having a USB-C port… but I guess I would be willing to get one for the future…

What charger do you think I should get?


Not gonna lie thought the atom slim was a powerbank


Haha, that’s what I said :joy:


They should really make it into one like maybe a little bit bigger to store the batter even just a small one


A 3350mah cell is small enough that it would only add about an inch :thinking:


And that’s about a full charge for some phones which would be great


Some great deals to be had here.

@ktkundy I thought it was a powerbank as well… even had my glasses on as well :joy:


You honestly can’t go wrong with any of them. I think PowerPort III Duo is a great value at $22.49.


I had to read over it twice to make sure before I posted didn’t want to be silly and say it wasn’t when it was


I think this is the 2nd time I see the dual USB C car charger for that price. I wonder if it will go any lower. For right now I already have 2 Anker car chargers so I’m in no rush to get this one.
I’ll keep my eyes open for a bigger discount on it


$18.39 is a great price. I highly doubt it will go lower any time soon.


You might be right. I’m in no rush so I will wait a bit longer. And yes $17 99 is a great price considering I paid $30 for one of my chargers :sob:

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Great deals! Thanks for sharing! :ok_hand: