[Upcoming Release] Soundcore Trance Go

Soundcore is preparing to release Trance Go… Take a look!

Features & details

  • Extreme On-The-Go Sound: Press play on Trance Go outdoor Bluetooth speaker to unleash a huge wave of sound that reaches up to 98dB.
  • Drop the Bass: Intense bass is delivered via an oversized passive radiator and exclusive BassUp technology that enhances the bass in real-time for an even greater punch.
  • PartyCast Technology: Link 100+ Trance Go outdoor Bluetooth speakers via a single device to sync up your party soundtrack across every speaker for a thunderous wall of sound.
  • Fully-Waterproof: Even full submersion in water won’t stop Trance Go outdoor Bluetooth speaker thanks to its IPX7 waterproof casing.
  • 24-Hour Playtime: Keep the music playing throughout multiple events thanks to Trance Go outdoor Bluetooth speaker’s powerful battery. A built-in USB port allows you to conveniently charge other devices while in use.

Pricing and Availability: Soundcore’s Trance Go will be available to order from amazon.com soon. Feel free to speculate the potential cost. For reference, Rave Neo retails for $99.00.

Are you interested in Soundcore's upcoming Trance Go? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

Looks like Neo, price should be on-par with Soundcore Neo

Also is this a typo … shouldn’t it connect to ANY Soundcore speaker with PartyCast OR does it only need Trance Go?

Meanwhile there are so many similar models on the market!


No LED lights?

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I am sure there are lights… Trance Go was powered off when the photographer took pics :rofl::rofl:


No, that is the main (only?) difference between Trance Go and Race Neo!

Need someone to give us a rundown of the differences between most of the models :slight_smile: I know on the Soundcore community someone did a top level overview of the differences of the Flares which was very helpful for at least me to understand difference easily/quickly.

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Lights make the speakers more lively… i love these lights on Rave mini… Rave Neo makes more sense than Trance Go… Audio and Lights!

Looks a lot like the neo should be interesting to learn more

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I guess this is for people who hate LED lights lol


I don’t mind if there are lights or not if they can be switched off.! :smile:

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This looks really cool. Careful not to stare too long at the picture, you might go into a trance… lol

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Soundcore Trance Go is now available on Amazon


How many watts does the speaker have?