UK PowerPort III Nano NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon

Here we go ladies and gentleman.
The PowerPort III Nano has landed on
18w mini bundle of joy for £17.99.
When will it drop in price and to how low?


Thanks for sharing.

I doubt it can drop significantly in price quickly, the nearest equivalent is the dual 12W and it hits a low of about £7.

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I’m considering buying one myself @professor
I can have it delivered tomorrow!..

Obviously up to you, there’s one coming both our ways shortly anyway, soon.

A very typical 1 week later is 18-20% discount, so in region of £13.99.

Anker has a real challenge here as it’s already such a low cost they’re not going to get rich off this. So I’d expect two pack discount and a bundle offer probably with a 20Ah Powercore.

They’re already doing similar for other low cost chargers to get more revenue.

They’re effectively doing the USA parallel equivalent:

image image image

I like the idea of a bundle as a small % of negative reviews on some Powercore is “I didn’t know I needed a PD charger / cable” so the bundle is less noob prone. I’d also like unbundled so I can choose.

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One in one out :wink:
A discounted twin pack seems a sound way to discount.
Maybe a twin pack at £26-28 @professor

Twin pack, they did that with the USA folding pin 12W dual socket as they’re so cheap, buy two.

I also edited my above post as these entry level small 18W chargers are getting bundled in US with the entry level 18W PD Powercore. I’d expect that too.

The “floor” unit cost , where you can’t really discount below (bundling, twin packs) is probably still around £7, so say a £10 discount in a bundle with a Powercore, is the sort of creative thinking in Anker to emerge in UK next weeks.

In Chez Professor I already own these:

  • 5 port PD, 30W + 30W shared 4 ports.
  • 3 x dual port 18+10W
  • dual port 15 IQ3 + 45W PD.
  • 2 dual port 12W max shared
  • dual port 24W, 12W each port.
  • 10 port 60W 12W max per port.

So I’m not short of ports, already I have one of these in a draw unused, and my fear is I’ll just make more unused. I’ve already gifted a 12W dual port to someone who lost their charger, a 5 port 30W to someone, and keep another 5 port 30W and dual 18W at a place I visited (pre-lockdown).

So I’m waiting for something better than these. My interest in a 18W is in my bike bag for travel, put that with my 10000 PD and as it has a Type A output and Type C in/out, I can do a basic travel kit which does 18W PD and a Type A for my buds. So I can imagine Anker bundling for similar users.

I think Anker will do better both in revenue, and in customer reviews, with the entry level bundles. The challenge is how do a noob spot the bundle (they should buy) when it’s needle in a haystack of many Anker products sold.

How many countless threads have to had of Lv0 users saying their PD Powercore is taking ages to charge and then “why didn’t you tell me” when we point out their “fast charge” charger isn’t 18W PD mininum…

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Thats a fine collection @professor
I’m running,
PowerPort 5 40w
PowerPort+ Atom III Dual Port 45w + 15w
PowerPort III Mini

I would consider swapping the PowerPort 5 for the PowerPort Atom III Slim as it’s down to £29.99 on Amazon Currently, it will be better for travel than the chunky PowerPort 5.

Agree re the “bundle effect” on reviews.
I add a quote to wireless charger posts that a suitable charger is required, Anker shots themselves in the foot by not making this clearer.

How about this as a bundle,
PowerPort III Nano twin pack, with 10w stand or pad and a 10k PD PowerCore.
If they could pull that out of the bag for £50-£55 I think that would make a great starter or light travel pack.

Whatcha think @professor @AnkerOfficial ?

Logical bundles would be:

  • two pack of 18W Nano
  • A bundle for all the 18W Powercore, so the 10000 PD (I think the Redux only is being sold now), 10000 PD Slim, 20000 PD Essential.

Then we helpful members can point noobs to the bundles.

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Looking forward to testing @AnkerOfficial I like travelling light

You mean the bundled apple USB charger isn’t the fastest way to charge my Powerbank @paulstevenewing ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Maybe not @pfrodsham
It depends which version of Apple charger you have.
It’s about matching the charger output with the PowerCores input.
If your PowerCore can take 18w charging input but the charger only outputs 5 or 10w then you won’t be getting the quickest charge time.

EDIT, just noticed the emoji at the end of your comment @pfrodsham :sunglasses:

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What should be a reasonable price for such bundle? With 20000 Powercore included…

The highest discount Anker gives frequently is 50% so if they sell at £18 then the lowest price they’d sell at is £9.

So I reckon in a bundle the packaging and shipping savings of bundles gives them some economies, add £7-9 to another item.

The typical 20000 PD discounted price is around £35 so I’d expect to see a bundled deal around £42-44.

A really good deal would 50% off everything, you’ve seen this recently in USA

For Anker to grow revenue, which dilutes R&D costs over more units and thus increase margins, they must increase the average selling price, that typically involves selling simpler products which appeal to those who can’t care and just want something which will work.

You asked about 20Ah, they aren’t really for pockets, too heavy, so I’d expect 20Ah bundles to be not only with nano but a dual port.

We’re also overdue the next speedbump. 30W.

The current frequent 18W discounts informs me they are pre-draining demand ahead of a 30W 10A and 45W 20Ah to succeed the Essential products.

Pre-draining makes sense when you think what happens if you don’t. The 100W 26800 coming can’t sell if too pricey, but if they sell at a lower price, it makes selling the existing 60W 26800 much harder which is left as stock in finite warehouse space,. Similarly the existing larger 30W chargers won’t sell when smaller come. So you sell the current stock at a higher price now than what you’d have to sell when their better successors appear.

So these discounts are telling me there’s a 100W coming Priced at current 60W, etc, so tomorrow’s 30W is priced at today’s 18W.

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Oh look, a week later. I guessed wrong, off by £1.

Must resist the urge to buy, waiting for 2 port version.

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2 port version this size would be great!

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As this photo shows:

If all Anker does is take the USA-centric design and stick on a UK socket, you end up with “wings” of useless protruding to the sides. If you’re going to bother to block off a UK socket, might as well use the depth, distance from the wall to make a 2 or 3 socket design.

I like this design but it shows what can be done thinking more UK specific.

Just make a 30W like this new 18W, it can be deeper, and add a 10W A port so it’s like the buddy to its left in ports but from this angle looks identical to this new 18W.

As it stands it’s most perfect use is behind a peice of furniture to charge one 18W thing. This might end up behind our microwave…


100% mine will end up behind a unit either in the bedroom or living room.
Make it dual port and 30w and maybe instead of making it deeper make it squarer so it still sits behind a unit.

Kinda like a PowerPort 5 but smaller with the plug on the back so the outputs hang down like this new charger.

You mean a multiport UK version of


(Minus the annoying blue light of course :joy:)

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Exactly that sort of thing.
Overall size wouldn’t really matter as long as its flat, like this on the picture.

Keep the shallow wall-hugging and put ports around the sides also?

This shape is very thermally efficient. Missing a trick to use the metal in the pins, and make the 3rd pin metal instead of plastic, to conduct heat away into the wall (The Professor Patent Pending)

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