UK Eufy stick-on lights £16

Normal price £19

Add batteries.

I have used these for years and recommend. I really like how they make it effectively impossible to be in the dark at night, they light up as they spot you. Put them around the places other than bedrooms and you don’t ever really need to turn on a light at night. Two light settings and I put on low in small rooms (bathroom) and high on bigger spaces (landings, hallways).

The sticky parts do fail eventually so “top tip” is place them resting over something which holds the weight so the stickiness only has to hold to the surface e.g. over the frame of doorway.


Decent deal, good share @professor

I liked these lights but ended up keeping the squarer v1 models.
I prefer them to be mobile and the v1 have a flat bottom allowing them to stand on shelves etc.
The v2 have a more rounded bottom so aernt as stable freestanding and often tipped forward and fell.


Our house is full of these.
I really can recommend this little lamps.
Its perfect for an old man to find his way in the night if there is a real “urge” :laughing:
I put these on the top of the door frames. no glue, no screws.


Me too!
I have only such ones, not those from the offer above.

Fair comment.

I agree these have tendency to fall off.

I have moved home often but I’m fed up moving so I may screw these in.

I have bought the original version 1 and these version 2. The v2 has the tunable brightness option so low in small places, high in larger. The v1 I needed to put in 2 of them in a garage to get the brightness.


nice litle saving !


I finally got around to buying a pack of AAA and put my total of 7 Eufy gen-2 lights around the house. I’ve set them up in the corridor walking areas (hallway, stairs, landing, kitchen, bathrooms) where folks would not be sat willingly in the dark. They work well, no walking in the dark and no need to turn lights on/off.

I have the Eufy lights on low light setting in the smaller areas, brighter in larger areas.

It’s quite liberating to not need to turn a light on/off as you walk around.

Each room, where you might want dark (bedrooms, living rooms) without these Eufy lights has a Bolder flashlight hung up where illuminated from hallway Eufy lighting, appropriate to the room size (LC40, LC90, LC130) so if there’s an outage then the rooms have flashlights stood on flat ends to ceiling.

So that’s us sorted for whole house lighting for an outage.

To light up a whole house using other methods is considerably higher cost.

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Nice tip and deal for back then. I was planning to look for ones where you plug in and can be used as lights during a power outage.

I had too many times where my power went out recently

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They take just under a second to sense you, but are sensitive. So best placed opposite to an entrance so they see you a little earlier than immediately above an entrance.

They seem to respond to infrared, I was wearing a sweater and shorts and the light at the top of stairs did not respond to seeing my head but did seeing my legs and when coming downstairs the light came on immediately seeing my lower half.

It took 6 stick on lights to do hallway, kitchen, landing, two bathrooms. I only stuck them on 2 places, as most could rest on something slightly tilted back. This is the 3rd home I’ve used these on, the stick-on doesn’t last more than a few months so best placed on something or screwed, the package includes some screws.

Bright enough to easily see by once eyes dark adjusted so easily a comfortable way to handle a long power outage.

Flashlights for places you’d spend long periods in on a low light setting and your carry outside.

I’d say the AAA batteries last 2 years when I don’t bother turning lights on, i.e. I use these to not use house lights in the places you’d otherwise be turning lights on/off.


We have so many around the house (mobile, battery version), meanwhile.
I have to count them.
Could be a dozen.

The battery lasts now for more than 2 years more or less
Haven’t checked it.
I have mentioned this already a lot of times.
Play around with the place to locate.
I never screwed or glued.
I put them mostly on the door frames.


I have 4 propped on door frames, 1 stuck to bathroom wall and one stuck resting above tiles which take the weight. The one stuck in bathroom will fall off eventually but it’s about knee height so should survive the fall.

They’re best placed opposite entrances to see you earlier.

I first used them to see the bathroom at night but realised they are easier, more convenient, than lights so then put them all around.

Good for power outages too but I’ve not had an outage for probably a decade.

Putin may cause us to have some outages. :skull:


If there will be an “outage” it will a totally one!
There will be no more need for such lamps and other things.