UK availability of Anker switch version

I have an Anker Switch version powerbank, the 13400 version and think it’s great. I think it differs from the non-switch version, in that it also has USB-C rather than other microUSB and USB-A, so can charge itself from the USB-C port much faster.

However I can’t seem to find availability anywhere in UK now for it. Is it discontinued now? Is there a replacement? Need a USB-C and like the size of it.


This looks to be an authorized seller, but you could probably confirm with Anker Support first.

However, PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition might not be the best option for you.

What devices would you like to charge?

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Thanks for reply. It seems to be, but I believe it’s not, the P+P is £15 anyway! Which means it’s not really.

That is an older product. It’s really only suited to people with A to C needs who charge it with A to C and carry A to C cable.

Why did you pick that product, and not a newer C say can be recharged faster?

This can be used as a C to C, and also it is charged up with the C, so is faster?

Having a A type as well is handy for other cables. I like it as it’s a good compact size, decent capacity and is good quality.

As a switch certified it means it’s had some extra certification from Nintendo as well so must adhere to their specifications as well.


C-C is no faster than A-C for any given Wattage. The 13400 C input 5V 2A 10W input, as is many. All you save is if you had 1 cable A to C you can use it for input or output.

Faster recharging, plenty exist.

This is a different product than the other you’re thinking of @professor.