UK Amazon will stop accepting Visa creditcards

BBC News - Amazon to stop accepting Visa credit cards in UK

I also got an email

Anker in UK will find this is probably the single biggest cause of loss of UK sales. The most common creditcard is Visa.


well… I’m speechless
if Amazon cannot afford high fees then why are they charging high fees for prime membership :grinning:


You can not blame them they have to pay for those space trips. :rofl:


You can’t blame any retailer either rejecting or adding a surcharge to CC payments.
Cardholders enjoy the perks and benefits a CC brings but often complains when the retailer has a minimum sale amount or adds a surcharge to purchases.

When I was in retail Barclays Merchant Services used to charge 3% plus 2.5 pence per transaction.
They charged a monthly fee which varies depending on the value of monthly transactions.
Buying or renting the card machine, set up fee and paper rolls.
For some smaller retailers throw into the mix of either a broadband or mobile data access and you can see where the charges mount and the profit dwindles.

Good for Amazon to make a stand, I don’t think it will harm Amazon, but will reduce cash flow through Visa.

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Hm, I have such a VISA-card.
Its free for me.
I used it in supermarkets and beer shops.
Now I got a little bit of cash (shhht)
So I dont need at the moment. :laughing:

Never used when buying things via amazon.
I buy things there NOT very often.
If so, they have a credit debit authorization, which works fine

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Well my view is this won’t actually happen it’s game of bluff to lower fees. Visa shareholders told Amazon made them and Amazon shareholders told what good management and a negotiation will happen.


But at least the good news is Amazon who was really struggling to make any profit can at least make some so the consumer can get the benefits of Amazon existence so any consumer hassle is well worthwhile.

So that’s all alright.

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