UK £50 Off Robovac 30c Amazon Deal

There’s currently a £50 off voucher available bring this vacuum to within a few Pounds of its cheapest price on Amazon.
Grab a bargain at £169.99.


Robvac doing the limbo quite nicely… it’s going loooooow!!!

Nice bargain and sync’d too :wink:

Thanks @paulstevenewing

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At least i got one right today @TheSnarkyOne :sunglasses:

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It’s a tough go sometimes… I had rough patch on the soundcore site the other day… miss typed forest for one of the artists going a recording session in the woods. Type Forrest… then commented that I must have been dreaming of a lot of shrimp and different kinds too, at 2 am… don’t think anybody caught the reference.

Hope you are having a great weekend so far.

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Glad its not just me then :grimacing:

Nice relaxed day thanks for asking. Tomorrow we will make a trip out somewhere, we normally jump in the car a decide as we drive.

How about you @TheSnarkyOne?

Similar here, pretty low key weekend planned. Expecting snow later in the week, so final prep of the garden before it hits…

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Nice find :ok_hand:

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Thanks @Ice1 have a great Sunday