UK 50% Off HomeVac S11 Go Amazon Limited Time Deal

Stick vacuum half price.
Grab one before they get sucked up!


Great price for such a vacuum.

But I have “Old Willy” and he s fine and still strong! :laughing:
Working a lot.
A simple, but effective vacuum.

How is your 11S, Paul?

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Indeed Franz!
Mary is still going strong but soon she will need one of her side brush motors/gears replaced as she’s grinding a bit.
But she had a lot of use and never failed :+1:t2:

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Easy to do, Paul
You need Charlies help, to unplug these tiny plugs.
(Small fingers) :smiley:

And don’t forget “to mark” these little plugs before unplugging, so its really easy to plug in these after repair.

Willy’s side brush was not turning anymore so it was really necessary to replace the unit.
What I really didn’t like, was that the whole unit needed to be replaced,
if only one gear is defective.:grimacing:

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1/2 off is about the max you can go without them just giving them away…

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Indeed @Duane_Lester
Although if they do decide to give one away, you’ll see me at the front of the queue :smiley:

I will bear your advice in mind.
It’s still spinning OK just get a bit grindy when mounting the rug.