UK 40% Off Again PowerPort III Nano Amazon Voucher Deal

Nothing new here but for those that missed the last voucher it’s back!
40% off brings this down to a very sensible £10.79.


Yes noticed it too.

Where’s the two pack £20? It’s so obvious must be along soon.


Just like the cat… the deal came back :slight_smile:

Nice discount and sounds like a good little charger

Thanks @paulstevenewing

Hope your day went well.


Hey @TheSnarkyOne
Great day thanks, even though it was a day at work :grinning:

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If the twin doesn’t land before the end of November I’ll be surprised, maybe even disappointed @professor
Although I now have my sights on the Atom III Slim 63w for £35.

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Really love the Nano, but I’m going to need a PowerPort if Anker don’t come up with some reasonably sized multi port USB-C chargers


Agree @pfrodsham

I have,

And 2 x

What i would like is this with 4 x USBC outputs, 30w each would suit my requirements now.

That would mean i can re-home the PowerPort III Duo, Powerport+ Atom III and “maybe” the PowerPort III Mini.

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Thanks for posting Paul, I picked this up for when I get my iPhone 11.


I like the look of the Atom and it would be perfect as I have limited space behind my desk. I’d thought about getting it as my treasure hunt prize but they aren’t available on Anker UK :confused:


In sequence:

  • too big for only 36W, for that size add one A port
  • 60W big, should have added a 2nd C port and intelligent power allocation
  • huge offset pins
  • nice, now do it again with an added port
  • getting very close to ideal finally. But needed more intelligent power allocation, it’s a 15W dual A and a 48W dual C sharing a socket, not a 63W which can give all power to unused ports. 3rd version perfect?

They do lend themselves well to go behind stuff and easy for travel @pfrodsham
Shame they didnt have it in stock. Could you ask for a voucher code/credit code to allow you to order on Amazon?
Worth PM to Pei if you haven’t already made your decision.

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Not sure if i can wait for a 3rd version. The 63w Slim and PowerCore III Wireless is now at the top of my Wishlist :slight_smile:
It will allow me to consolidate a few chargers and make my charging travel pack a little lighter.

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It’s worth saying what is being done right and well.

Cost is correct, £10 for C port and £4 for A port.

The technology already exists to make small. The size of 18W C port and a 6W A port are already small.

Reliability and not being too hot to feel are all good.

What is the last missing step is putting all this together for the traveler who has multiple devices, mostly C but some legacy A.

What is also lacking is intelligent power allocation.


I think the Slim 63w would make a good travel companion with the addition of a EU/UK/ES travel adaptor @professor

4 outputs from one mains socket is ideal for overnight stays in hostels and AirBnB’s with limited facilities.
Or even a cheeky stop at a bar and a quick “top up” of your rechargeable devices.

Ultimately the type of output should begin to be irrelevant and new chargers migrate to C only.
You can buy C to “anything” cables - although Anker doesn’t make a C to Micro cable which annoys me slightly especially as they still produce some items with micro input.

The only thing i personally need an A charging output for are my bike lights (one plugs directly into a A socket) and a couple of cheap mini torches.
Both of these can be used with a C to A female adaptor if required.

The only thing that needs sorting are shaver/toothbrush 2 pins plugs, maybe V3 of the Slim would have those incorporated for a true travel charger?


When you say the slim 63 you mean this?

Well it’s a C8 socket so it’s already international. Just buy the cord for desired country and swap the cord for the trip.

Shaver is EU socket.

So if you are intending to use the one charger in one trip across different sockets types then the most compact is to get the USA C8 cord and then plug adapter to EU and UK. If you are just hopping only across the North Sea then buy EU C8 cord and an EU to UK pligt adapter.

Here is an Anker desk charger, see it’s C8 port, common on mid size electronics like laptops

Anker in UK would supply with a cable like this, UK one end C8 other end.

Anker in USA would supply with this type of cord, USA plug one end, C8 other end

Here are some examples of plug adapters

EU/UK to USA, USA/EU to UK and EU/UK to US

So all you have to do before setting off from home is decide your primary socket type for the trip, so a trip around EU, and use the correct EU C8 cord, and if you happen to need a brief connection in another socket type then bring the plug adapter such as EU to UK.

My most common need was to be in USA visiting for a couple of weeks the UK, so I’d pack my UK C8 cord for the most reliable socket, and the UK to US plug adapter for the USA airport while flying out.

If you were doing the reverse, visiting USA but time in UK airport you’d pack the USA C8 cord and a USA to UK plug adapter.

Of all the sockets to standardise on the USA one is the most compact.

For wall chargers, Anker already has designed international plug slide in, just need to standardise on it on the larger chargers. For smallest wall chargers these have to be fixed UK, fixed EU and folding US.

I do think Anker could get ahead of demand by also making a slide-in C8 port, so wall chargers can connect to distant hard to reach sockets by the owner swapping on the C8 port and adding a C8 cord. So Anker makes a 4-way slide-in adapter, slide-on UK, slide-on EU, slide-on USA and slide-on C8. You’d then have a 100% solution for all situations.

PS. I do own an UK to EU plug adapter somewhere, oh.well that's dig through the boxes another time.

Yes @professor
The Slim 63w, that ticks a lot of boxes. Would tick more if it had 3 C’s.
Like the idea of a slide in C8 plug, could have a lot of appeal.


I believe we’re in agreement.

Agree the 63W 2 C 2 A C8 is very nearly exactly meeting our needs to extract £ from our wallets. I reckon £36 is imminent, the usual 18% discount which happens in days of available. This is just from years of observation of what Anker usually does.

I did 3 nights B&B last week and it was pretty typical, a socket some distance away, I’d pre-emptively solved it via 6ft USB cable to watch my tablet in bed but everything else had to be on the floor charging near the socket far away, so this corded C8 desk charger would be closer to perfect. It is imperfect for my devices right now but very very close.

Among cyclists this is called N+1. There is always a perfect next bike to buy, you own N, so you need N+1. If you bought the 63W 4 port then something else would come along even better and so N+1 repeats.


That’s one awesome collection Paul.

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