UK £30 Off Liberty Air 2 Pro Amazon Deal

I am amazed to see these drop in price so soon.
So pick up a bargain while it lasts.
Now £99.99 down from £129.99.


Nice deal @paulstevenewing, especially if looking for another colorway… :wink:

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There was an easily obtainable 30 off discount code back at launch so this is more for those who waited for reviews or let the bug fixes settle down.

Not long now until the Liberty 3 Pro… (guessing).

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Nice deal ther Paul!
Have a great week!

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Indeed @TheSnarkyOne!

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Hey Daisy, thank you.
And hope you have a great one too.

Maybe @professor
I’m not that clued up on the Soundcore products so spending a little time in the Soundcore community trying to see if I “fit” in the hope of picking up more knowledge.
So far I’m not convinced, I can’t really get a feel of what that community is. As in product or music!

Small set of users taking turns at winning weekly prizes. They seem to like it.

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I did notice there is a fair amount of “currency” being thrown around.
I’m quite impatient, if I don’t get a feel of things quickly, I lose interest.