UK £15 Off Life P2 Amazon Deal

As life is slowly getting back to normal after the chaos and excitement Prime Day brings the deals continue!

Here’s £15 off these buds bringing them down to £34.99


Spooky, just been using my pair tonight after finding them in the back of my bits and bats drawer…good set of buds and not to be sneezed at with a price drop :ok_hand:

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The £30 price earlier this week was the lowest ever and when anyone interested should have bought as many they needed.

I really like them, I was tempted at £30 but resisted, I had a spare for 6 months til I found someone who needed them.


Nice little discount

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Nice deal @paulstevenewing i remember when i first saw these listed, was thinking Life of Pi…

Thanks @TheSnarkyOne @ikari04warrior


Glad you love yours @ndalby :+1:t2: