UK 15% Off Anker 3.5mm Audio Adapter with Lightning Connector Amazon Voucher

Here’s a neat alternative to Apples offering, and with a discount it’s easier to justify going 3rd party.
15% off brings this £14.99 adapter down to £12.74


Another good find buddy @paulstevenewing :+1:

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good deal !

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Thanks again @Shenoy

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Thanks @Ice1 :+1:t2:

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Nice, for those in need of an aux jack port good deal.

Didn’t know these existed.

Thanks @paulstevenewing

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I didn’t either @TheSnarkyOne until I came across it last night :+1:t2:

Yep, there’s also one to allow charging during audio use (recently released).

Front Zoom. Anker 3.5mm Audio + Lightning Charging Adapter with Lightning Connector - White.

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Great share @ndalby
What a neat, and useful idea!