Today's Apple iPhone 11 Keynote

I’m disappointed in the whole lineup. I won’t something actually innovative

it was a lack-luster event… nothing out of blues, everything was expected… and of course the 18W charger, showed it for exactly 2 seconds before moving to the Pro Camera :wink:

Looks like @AnkerOfficial was listening…

Updates on Twitter and IG for PowerPort III Nano posted in last 15 min

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And there was no mention of their Tile-like tracker! :persevere:

some breather for Tile :sweat_smile: they must be like praying - hope the Tracker go the same route as Air power :rofl:

Knowing Apple, 1 Apple Tracker == 4 Tile Mate

Disappointing keynote… I have little to no desire to go back.

I am much more excited about the Pixel 4, despite the seemingly endless leaks.

Not a fan of the pixels, and never have been.

For android phones I’m much more interested in Samsung and OnePlus

To each their own. Before switching to the the Pixel 2XL early last year (and subsequently the 3 after it was released), I couldn’t go without my iPhone for very long. I feel a bit disillusioned now.
I like the great build quality, day one updates, and using the consistently top-rated camera of the Pixels.

I have been thinking of getting a OnePlus, but two flagship refreshes per year and extremely poor resale values can get expensive for a frequent upgrader.
I have given Samsung phones a fair shot, but haven’t been a fan of the bloatware, Bixby and intermittent lag. To be fair, I have not tried any of their latest ‘10’ flagships.

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This years keynote was very underwhelming. Unless you have an iPhone 6s or even a 7, there is absolutely no reason get the new phones. The new iPad are pretty…meh as well.

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At the fast pace start of the keynote I was kinda on the fence of, wait a minute, they could have a few unknown surprises here but by the Apple Watch segment it started to seem like a run of the mill keynote of re-inventing the wheel when in fact they just changes out a tyre…

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Are you kidding? This was 10x more disappointing than the others keynotes.

Every addition/change they had, was something I was expecting last year. Apple basically had 0 change, they’re just pretending like it’s new hardware. Oh, and they through on another camera

It’s like the changed out the tire, but they accidentally put the same one on again.

YES! 100% YES! My iPhone 6S kind of exploded a few months ago. The battery expanded so much it completely separated the screen from the device. I’m currently using my father-in-law’s iPhone 6 and it is incredibly slow. Come Friday morning, I will be placing my order for the iPhone Pro. I cannot wait!

There were a lot of things missing from this keynote. Apple is so far behind the curve on so many things, but those of us invested in their ecosystem are a little stuck. :frowning: Phone-wise, I would love the new Samsung phone, but I’ve been an iPhone user since day 1 of the iPhone and it’s hard to leave it. For the most part, it all just works.

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Please know that you are buying the end of the life hardware, as come next year apple will be redesigning an all new Iphone and thus start a new generation of design and support for that hardware.

Believe me, I know and I’m not fully happy about it. I just cannot go another year with the phone I currently have. I work remotely from my phone at times and this one just does not cut it.

My plan is to get this phone, skip next year, and then get the 2021 model. Hopefully all bugs will be ironed out by then.


Please don’t get me started on the iPhone pros camera setup :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: it looks awful :joy::joy::joy:

Me to my plan to allways get the next generation

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Ohh noooo please it will flop

The camera setup make a bump on other side of the phone, kind of looks odd, will take a look at BestBuy or Costco how it looks, but definitely giving it a miss this year … its intentional

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