Time for stickers?

Hello all.

I think Anker should definitely start putting a sheet of stickers in their product boxes as other brands like Peak Design do.




This has only been discussed and said a million times already.
Btw, if you searched you would have seen and found the threads on this subject


Hi @cja and welcome to the community, hope you decide to stick around.

It’s often a good idea to do a quick search before starting a topic to see if your question has either been answered or is even under discussion.

Personally I’m not much of sticker person myself but yes it could be good for advertising and those that like collecting…


Nice idea…

But we need to keep suggesting it so anker finally makes some!

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Stickers, I never used my Apple stickers, so not sure if I will use Anker stickers.

Maybe it needs to be presented to Loz and see if Soundcore would do it. :hugs:

yehhhhh stickerrrrrs