There Are Other Users Than Just To Hand Held Device Users?

Today I received from Amazon a eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with 2K HD. Setup was not easy. For over an hour the “system” refused to add the Doorbell camera. Finaly after much persistence I have it up and running. I have to say I am somewhat disappointed overall. I, and many like me do NOT have the luxury of having a stupid cell phone at my command 24/7. What I do have is a MacBook or iMac infront of me for the better part of the day! Why is there not an app that will let me view the Camera on amuch more powerful CPU with a much larger screen and the capacity to save what I wish to it. I just think this is pi** poor planing on the part of the developers. Had I known I could not use my Macbook or iMac to begin with, I would have never spent the money for this!

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Feel your pain here, it does not make sense to me either.

That said, other companies (Blink, Wyze) have similar limitations. And some of the ones that don’t (Arlo) still have absolutely lousy web interfaces to the point that you might as well be limited to the phone interface.

I can’t speak to why, but many of the options share the same issue. And I would like to see it change for all of them.

There’s a very good reason.

The average cost of an Android phone is considerably less than any other device. The 2nd most popular is iPhone.

MacBook etc are significantly more expensive, far fewer owned, and as, by definition, you’d be more interested in security when away from the property and almost everyone when away would have Android (or iPhone) with them, then why bother with the cost of a Mac version.

Maintaining a Mac version for the tiny proportion who want it is not business sense.

If you want to hear “it’s so unfair!” I’ll add I’m so upset that there’s no Linux version, I have a free reliable and powerful computer, faster than any Mac and no forced obsolescence, and yet it’s totally ignored. Now come on Eufy, I know you have good reasons to not support Mac as everyone who has that is so rich they probably have a iPhone and few iPads, but where’s the support for the most intelligent OS ever invented? Linux.

Rattle thrown out of pram. Foot stamped. Arms folded. And a frown.

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First, you are wrong on all counts!

Second, you nicely omitted the PC Crowd altogether

Third, No one should have to buy a F*****g cell phone to use a Video Doorbell

Fourth, I see no credentials that entitle you to quote any stats on any platform

Lastly, There is not a single thing you can do with a phone I cannot do with a MacBook just as quickly if not better!

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Many iphone and android apps, especially for video monitoring like this, are effectively a custom web page wrapped up as an app.

Those generally should be straightforward to integrate into a web page / app. And web standards mean you can support every platform with a single well designed app. Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever.

I don’t think anyone is asking for platform specific full applications. Just a good web interface / web app.

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Well they don’t implicitly care about security, because if they did they’d want Linux too.

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That’s a good idea, ditch apps and just have web, say works on Firefox and Chrome on all platforms.
Then it can run on the best OS and the others (PC, Mac).

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Too bad you didn’t do your research first lol

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Agree 100% that a CPU (website) option would be quite useful, like Eufy users wishing to monitor their home/business while away traveling in rural areas where hard-wired internet is the only reliable IT service. It could even be a revenue generator if it were offered as an add-on (like buying an extra camera).

If you want to access the cameras on a web browser, just use

As for a non hand held device I have the eufy Security app sideloaded on my Amazon Firestick 4K, quality is good enough for a TV. I agree with @ikari04warrior, you should have done some homework before deciding on eufy. All things will have pros and cons, it’s all down to which one suits your needs the most.