The tips on my earbuds could be improved

In the past, I had wired earbuds by Etymotic. Really great, but priced a big high for me and not available in a wireless version.

I’d owned a couple of your speakers and dealt with your service and all was great. So I’ve had now two pair of earbuds from you. I wear these at work and the wire on the SoundBuds Slim gets in the way at times, so I’ve moved to the LifeDot 2.

My suggestion is that you use a triple flanged tip like other brands do. I find them far more secure than the simpler ones you now use. For a reference, at least visually, earplugs

An earbud that falls out can be dangerous, so I’m looking for a more secure fit.

Bottom line: a great deal for the Life Dot 2. Could be more secure when inserted.

Interesting suggestion.
You could publish that here as well :

Much more earbud users there!

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I have used these triple flange tips before and they work great. They even increase the bass response and I can also listen at a lower volume, but these wireless earbuds are designed to fit into a charging case and because of that no manufacturer will sell them with these style eartips.

Never used those before lo

Do have a question. Did you try different fitting of the ear tips and the wings?

I have the spirit dots, and liberty 2 pro to name a few and usually doing this fitting is sufficient to make them not come out of ears…

With that said, all ears are not the same and it may be an issue.