The flood

Seems there started a real flood of spamming this night.
All at the same time.
A “spammer tsunami” :laughing:


Morning Franz. Yes, spotted a few myself.
Also a lot of new posts in general!

I really dont know which are valid or not.
They all were created about the same time.
This is suspicious, isnt it?
But our specialists will care about, I am sure.

Have a nice day, Paul.

Sunny weather here, up to 24C is supposed.
Have done the apple and plum harvest.
We are really proud of our “royal” plum tree the “Königin Victoria”
Next project will be planting strawberries “Königin Luise” :rofl:

The more “royals” in the garden the better!


Sometimes the spammers are hard to spot - they get more devious and clever.

Glad the weather I’d good with you, its quite poor here currently but looking to improve later in the week.

Sound like you and Mrs Franz are having success with fruit this year :+1:t2:


Yes Mrs. Franz was out now to get more plums.
Marmalade again.
The ladies like, not me.
But of course a self made is much better than the industrial stuff.
No preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial aroma.
And very important : Less sugar.

Im sure @professor will help Neil to catch all the spammers.

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It’s my fault.

I was busy moving house and not doing my spammer filter job, and one got through, then they learned this place is easy and so did more.

It would be good if more helped so they deem this place not worth bothering.

The sneaky ones post innocently then edit it later inserting a link in the full stop. Look for an edit and view raw html to spot it, or click on their profile and see the links they have.

The spammer usually begins with a mundane irrelevant post from an account opened recently and they have done almost no viewing of posts. Some are older accounts that were not suspended from their last spam. For this reason I prefer if spammers are suspended so you can spot the new account.

A quick way to scroll down for mundane posts is this link

You can quickly scroll down and see the classic post of a spammer. “Thanks just the exactly the information I was seeking” type, often with typos as it’s pretty obvious the spammer has poor English.

Marking as Spam is slow as it goes to admin who is mostly absent. Tag the two mods Neil and Ryan in PM or in thread and they will delete the post.

The spammer is obviously paid per post and I think they are trying to promote specific sites as a hidden link won’t be clicked on. There are also those straight up posting obvious links. They are here because there is no effective admin currently.

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it’s maddening that at same time new users can post what they like so long as they intend to spam but legitimate users not spamming have to wait to be approved

Where’s the admin!

Looking for another admin or 2 (for the social media profiles) :laughing:

The issue with those spamming is they are creating multiple accounts to get around the initial day(s) posting limits as when one account hits the barrier, they pickup on the next…combine that with certain permissions being restricted to admin despite a certain amount of granular control which is available to discourse moderators or power users equals a less than fair experience to a new legit user…

Ah well, back to a pint and Luther on the telly :laughing:


Lol that was funny

Someone has released the flood. My function is to prevent it from leaving this Installation. But I require your assistance. Come. This way.