Testing Club-Next Testing Event

How often is there products to test as I seen none available at this time? What is the best way to be selected? I would love to test products for Anker, Eufy, Soundcore, etc. I love all of their products, they are extremely well made, great quality, affordable, and awesome.


Testing events are usually around a new product launch to help garner reviews and feedback for future revisions.

As to selection, it’s down to your creativity on a testing plan and whether it is unique compared to others…a good social media following can also help…


Write a testing plan and enter the participation…
But PLEASE make sure you got the equipment to do a proper testing.
Pray an hope! :rofl:


I think the first thing would be an active member in the community (be positive, be friendly and enjoy the conversations :wink:) . The community loves to get new members to talk too.

As a potential tester, you will not be selected for most test as at times there may be hundreds of people vying to be selected. You can not demand to be in a testing event.

As stated try to make it unique as well. If it said it has an IPX 7 rating, find a unique way to test it. I took mine in the pool and took a picture of them underwater.


If you write a request saying “Give me free stuff please” is guaranteed to be selected.

I think everyone here would encourage that.


The non regulars sure are missing the testing events lol

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That and the more generic “pick me” or the elaborate “ pick me I like Anker” are all sure winners