Tell Us About Your Dad



Good luck to everyone who entered! It was certainly entertaining reading all these incredible stories about your dad! :clap:


I’m sorry to remind you of these unhappy pasts. I hope that you and Jane will get well now.:heart:


Dad will do anything for you.:heart:


You don’t even need the discount code!

In the US, you don’t need the coupon code for this one, either! There is already a checkable coupon right on the Amazon listing itself.

Not only that, but what seems to be a superior version has just launched, as well!


Good story and awesome daddy!:heartbeat:


If it is a real puppy, what would you do?:smile:


It’s a big loss…Your house burning down…:sob:


Awesome my Dad is going to love this charger. Thanks for the votes people.


Congrats to the winners @dysturbedr1 @elmo41683 @Jesse_Hernandez1 @iroast @IRNinjaz1


Thanks Anker! :smile:
And congrats to the other winners! It’s awesome to see you guys have awesome dads too! :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks so much and thank you to my fellow friends who voted


Jane is improving daily.

She can get around and has even come out with me for a trip to town a couple times… Of course coffee was involved!

It’s.ok, as bad as my childhood was, I’m sure some had it worse. Yes, I was physically abused and at times mentally played with (prob explains my mental health), but I also had plenty of food n day trips and holidays.

I wasn’t beaten regularly, and I didn’t live in squalor, and I never went hungry, and I always had nice clothes, and never once had nits!

Sometimes not having parents is better than having abusive shit parents.


OMG!!! I was going to jump on one leg of the bed !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: My first pet was at age 25, my boyfriend gave me a Siberian husky :heart_eyes:


Thank you!


Thank you, Neil!


Thank you, Ninjaz!


congrats to the winners!!! :blush:


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I received my father day present today. Thank you @AnkerOfficial you have made my dad very happy.
It does have a aux output for those who were wondering.


Sweet news!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: