Tell me where to go!

Can’t find Soundcore discussion/forum/ support. Is it a separate address? Soundcore seems to be an orphan in the Anker world.
Thanks for any info.

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Soundcore has its own community -->


Better to say we are the “orphans” here! :laughing:


Actually in truth more the opposite.

The none-Soundcore none-Eufy forum gets the least attention by officials.

But the members are usually in all of them so usually you can ask in any.

The primary reason to direct Soundcore questions to Soundcore community is because it’s obvious Soundcore official reads Soundcore community but don’t read this Anker one, judging by how often and fast they reply.

In the Soundcore community the typical official support reply is 4 days, so if it’s a common support ask you’ll likely get a member reply helpful in minutes to hours, faster than the next day of email or eventual community support official reply.

How useful is the community is how new is the product, as members need to have owned the product to know a fix or a member reported back to community what official support helped them with.

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It is a hard knock life for us but the sun will come out tomorrow. :wink: :smile: :rofl:


It’s like Anker management actively avoid this forum lol